MOS SEO Services Offers Free Competitive Analysis

Free competitive analysis is offered as a way to help position the client’s website against their competition

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – tulsa,ok – Competitive analysis is an important aspect of SEO campaign. MOS SEO Services offers free competitive analysis to help clients make an informed decision about how to position their website against their competition.

A comprehensive competitive analysis provides all the information required to develop a website that is a sure winner online. “Knowing what brings people to your site is the first step in marketing success. Your site must be well optimized to attract visitors, hold their attention, and attain high sales. This is what we do at MOS SEO Services,” says a senior solutions manager of the company.

This SEO company combines tried and tested strategies with the latest techniques to provide tangible benefits for client websites in terms of search engine rankings, qualified web traffic, conversion rates and inbound links. The free SEO analysis will reveal the following details regarding the company’s top 5 competitors.

• Keyword use in document title, body text, outbound link URLs, meta description
• Website linking popularity
• Link texts of inbound links
• SEO-friendly URLs
• Links from social networks
• Server speed
• Number of website visitors
• Keyword density, and other relevant aspects

MOS SEO Services provides both on page and off page optimization services. “We understand that every business is different and every business model has a unique challenge. Our approach is SOLUTIONS; and we work with you to find SEO solutions that suit your requirements,” says a company representative.

The company aims to provide quality service at competitive and affordable pricing; extremely cost-effective when compared to international market standards. It works to create a SEO Strategy customized to the unique business needs of clients. If you desire to benefit from the free competitive analysis offered, simply complete and send the “Free SEO Competitive Analysis Form” available on the website. To learn more about the SEO services they provide, visit : .

About MOS SEO Services

MOS SEO Services is a leading SEO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, owned and operated by individuals with long term experience in this industry. The company offers a complete suite of services - from search engine optimization, web development, to social media marketing, and more.