Blanket Insulation Proven to Reduce CO2 Emissions From Buildings

Global warming is the most immediate threat to globalsustainability, driven primarily by CO2emissions.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Archerfield, QLD – Global warming is the most immediate threat to globalsustainability, driven primarily by CO2emissions. Achievingoptimum thermal design of buildings can achieve large cutsin CO2. Much of Australia’s existing buildings are poorly insulated. Austral Insulation strives to make it easier and more affordable for consumers to improve thermal efficiencies with a simple yet effective solution –roofing blanket insulation.

Roofing Blanket insulation is a preferred material used to minimise the loss of warm or cool air from buildings. More insulation adds up to significant financial savings over the year and helps reduce the amount of CO2 added into the atmosphere.

While consumers are painfully aware that the automobile is a leading contributor to CO2 emissions, the fact is nearly half of our energy is used in buildings. Since Austral Insulation is in the business of thermal insulation, they have a keen interest in keeping warm and cool air where it belongs –indoors.

When building a new home, energy efficiency is a common goal in design for both the architect and client. Lower energy bills each month obviously saves money. Considering how the new home will impact the environment is also a concern of several Brisbane architects. New buildings are usually insulated with batts or roofing blanket.

However, the challenge isn’t in getting builders and architects to address proper insulation in new buildings. Retrofitting standing structures with additional battswill have a tremendous positive impact to energy savings.

Insulation and thermal design candramatically reduce heat loss and is a significant step to help stop global warming. The energy required to heat or cool existing buildings can be reduced by 30-50% compared to the current average energy consumption simply by adding in more insulation.
To discuss challenges in the building industry or to find out what blanket insulation is best suited for a project, contact the insulation experts and Austral Insulation.

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