The Financial Planning Doctor offers free "Help Yourself" videos: Women and Investing

Women still get short shrift from brokers, agents and planners because "They do not know much and ask a lot of questions." Not so to the first and so what to the second.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – San Leandro, California – Errold Moody has been a financial planner, instructor, arbitrator for over 40 years. And one of the strongest critics of the securities, insurance and planning industries that have failed to protect the most vulnerable from the political and financial debacles facing the world today. The industry puts out marketing drivel that entices the unknowledgeable to buy into risks they cannot afford.
The videos are based on "The Failure of Securities Arbitration" and "Financial Planning Fiduciary Standards under Dodd Frank" (2012) which is the hard copy complement to courses approved by the California State Bar for Continuing Legal Education.

Statistics indicate that women do not know as much as men. It’s a lot closer than the numbers indicate. Brokers state that women ask too many questions. Wrong. They just don’t like answering pointed questions. Watch and learn

Registered Investment Advisor; Life and Disability Insurance Analyst Author of Financial Planning Fiduciary Standards under Dodd Frank (2012); The Failure of Securities Arbitration Four decades as Financial Planner, Instructor, Securities Arbitrator, Expert Witness and Author on a variety of Financial Planning issues- Investments, Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement, Fiduciary Standards. .