New Products at International Drug Mart

Oral care products and digestive enzymes at low cost from International Drug Mart

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – We at International Drug Mart have added oral care products including tooth pastes and mouth wash, which are easy to use and effective and also at low cost.

These tooth pastes are easy to use on gums and improves sensitivity of teeth, prevents tooth decay and cavities. Sensodyne and Nitra tooth past are mint flavoured. These tooth pastes soothes the nerves from being sensitive and helps to enjoy all kinds of hot, cold and sweet food.

Sensodyne Toothpaste (Mint flavor)
Nitra Gel Toothpaste (Mint flavor)
Stolin R Toothpaste

Listerine Mouth Wash – to fight bad breath and have fresh breath. This mouth wash kills the bacteria causing bad breadth, Plaque and Gingivitis. You can save more on buying at International Drug Mart. You can yourself compare these prices with other pharmacies.

We have also added series of digestive enzymes which help your food digestion. These enzymes are taken by the people who are having pancreas problem. When you buy more than month’s supply you can save a lot. Here are generic drugs which we have at International Drug Mart.

Generic for Lipram
Generic for Ultrase
Generic for Viokase