Two young entrepreneurs take on unregulated supplement industry

Oleksandr Levtchenko and Shawn Mirza turn to the popular crowdfunding platform to launch Project Red Label, an online database and mobile application for consumers of nutritional supplements. The six week fundraising campaign has a goal of $50,000.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Philadelphia, PA – Ever have trouble understanding nutritional supplement labels? Not sure if they’re actually being effective? That’s not surprising.

Two Philly entrepreneurs are trying to show people just what it is they might be paying for when they buy nutritional supplements. Their crowdfunding campaign, entitled Project Red Label, is compiling existing scientific research in order to inform consumers on effective supplements, rather than those which are just “expensive urine.”

In addition, the Red Label smartphone application is the world’s first barcode-enabled search application for nutritional supplement facts, allowing users to access the online database’s information while in the store, before making a purchase decision.

“We became frustrated with the fact that many companies in such a large industry often had so little evidence to backup their claims,” said Levtchenko. “A lot of these companies rip you off by putting in useless fillers, hiding the quantity of useful ingredients under the guise of ‘Proprietary Formulas,’ or claiming to provide one amount on the label while actually including less, which is only detectable by lab testing.”

The two also cite a recent news article showing blatant fraud on the part of some manufacturers.

Levtchenko and Mirza believe that with the wide use of supplements (contributing to a $25 billion industry), the innovative use of crowdfunding, and the popularity of, the database will allow users to save money, find out what works, and avoid dangerous interactions.

When asked about using Indiegogo, Mirza noted that “the ability to spread the word about this necessity to a lot of people, include them in the process, and also keep them updated with our progress was very important to us. In addition, the use of Paypal as a merchant allows people to fund us safely, and from anywhere in the world.”

To learn more about the database and mobile application, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here: