Millennium 2 Auto Glass Spreads Awareness About Car Break-ins

As portable electronic devices become more affordable and more popular, Millennium 2 Auto Glass warns car owners about the dangers of leaving such devices inside a vehicle and recommends measures to prevent break-ins.

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Baltimore, MD – Vehicle break-ins are a common occurrence in cities and city suburbs, and with the frequency of these incidents rising, Millennium 2 Auto Glass spreads awareness of the problem and addresses solutions to protect car owners’ safety and belongings.

Recently, a string of auto break-ins resulted in at least 20 different complaints to authorities in Davidson, North Carolina, according to the Davidson Police Department. Reported losses included GPS units, keys, a bicycle and two vehicles, most of which were later recovered.

In summer of 2011, a quiet residential street in Towson, Md. was hit, resulting in three reported vehicle break-ins with GPS units and a mobile device stolen. Other incidents are reported across the country, and more often than not, whole streets or neighborhoods are affected at once.

“As a Baltimore auto glass repair business, we know that car break-ins and auto theft are fairly common in Maryland and Baltimore City in particular,” shared Tiffany Malinowski, the owner of Millennium 2 Auto Glass. She added that many customers seek their services looking to repair glass damaged as a result of a break-in.

According to the authorities, some of the items that are most frequently stolen from the vehicles include GPS units, small electronics (music players, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming systems), stereo equipment (car radio, speakers, and subwoofers), car registration, car parts (tires, rims, and catalytic converters), purses and change.

One of the best ways to prevent car break-ins is to park in well-lit and populated areas, lock and close all doors and windows, and never leave anything of value in plain sight.

“Sometimes, it’s impractical, inconvenient and even impossible to take all the valuables out of the car, and in this case tinted windows can be of great help,” said Malinowski. “Maryland auto window tinting is a great solution to keep unwanted eyes away and reduce the likelihood of a break-in.”

Another great tip from Kantin Waits of WiseBread is to keep in the car a box labeled “recycle” or “trash” that can be used to store valuable items on the bottom, so that actual recyclables, such as paper or plastic, cover them on top.

According to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, about $1.26 billion in personal items and accessories get stolen from vehicles each year. The company recommends removing all evidence of electronic devices from your car, such as phone car chargers, iPod headphones and GPS suction cup traces on the windshield, because thieves know what to look for.

Besides the cost of personal items stolen and the stress of dealing with a theft, vehicle owners could also face the expense and inconvenience of window replacements, which in some cases are not covered by insurance. Taking simple safety measures may discourage thieves from targeting a particular vehicle.

About Millennium 2 Auto Glass:
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