(Andover,NJ) March 15, 2010 Integrity Defender manages online reputations

There are literally millions of blogs, message boards and special interest groups that allow anyone and everyone to post anything about anybody.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – What goes up on the Internet may never come down. The opportunity is there for all voices to be heard but once an online complaint is posted, it's there forever. The Internet has made it easy for anyone to post his or her negative message about an individual or a business on the web and, if posted on the right forum, this exposure could cost people a good reputation.

If an individual or a company has suffered online complaints, they know how difficult it is to have a message break through the clutter. The potential to stir up the offenders who love a good fight, by responding in the same venue, is not wise. Having a character assassinated in print is difficult to see, especially when people are not able to defend their position. Some people get a perverse pleasure in attacking others-especially from the safe environment of their faceless computer.

"Build your reputation, don't defend it," says Eve McCormick President of Integrity Defender.
"If an you or your business has already suffered loss from bad online reputation or wish to prevent it from ever happening, then it is time to put a campaign into place that will protect your reputation in the future." added McCormick.

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