Weight Loss Begins with the MIND, not the BODY!

New Program Offers Hope to Those Who are Stressed-Out
and Overweight

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Schaumburg, Illinois – Stressing out can cause people to gain weight, according to recent studies. Scientific evidence proves that there is a direct correlation between weight gain and high levels of stress.

During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and rates remain high. Weighing too much can to lead to a number of health problems including; diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, certain cancers, Sleep apnea and many more. Obesity is also frequently accompanied by depression and the two can trigger and influence each other.

Recognizing these alarming statistics, formerly obese, Ed Bender, CEO of the Schaumburg, Illinois-based NexNeuro, has developed Future Thin, a proven method to help people lose weight and keep it off forever. With a focus on stress reduction, (a major trigger for weight gain) the Future Thin program features Enhanced Music Therapy coupled with traditional knowledge of diet and exercise. Bender believes that it is the Enhanced Music Therapy that relaxes the mind, alleviates stress and eases unhealthy cravings that sabotage your weight loss.

“When you are trying to lose weight, you have to undergo a change of lifestyle, and you need great mental strength to overcome temptations, stress and fear of failure,” explains Bender. Although weight loss is a physical consequence, the attempt to lose weight is mostly a mental challenge, which is where Enhanced Music Therapy comes into play.

Struggling with weight issues his entire life, Bender created a series of weight loss CDs which contain specific frequencies embedded into the music to respond to the dieter’s present mental/physical state. By listening to the music, as Bender did, which lead to him losing over 100 pounds in nine months, those wishing to shed pounds can learn to de-stress and relax, and learn to refocus food cravings towards craving music. Enhanced Music Therapy teaches self-empowerment, encouraging individuals to recover from food addictions, control cravings and live healthy, more satisfying lives.

Future Thin is NOT a diet plan. Future Thin is a total program complete with everything needed to transform the overweight person into a healthy individual. There are no magic pills or fad diets. Bender’s method is a 4-point plan that addresses nutrition, exercise and mental attitude, allowing people to lose weight and maintain it FOREVER!

The Future Thin program utilizes a technology defined as “Induced Relaxation”. The specially designed music delivered through headphones is not only soothing, but therapeutic. The music has been composed with special frequencies, tones and binaural beats (computer generated sounds that plays a tone in each ear) to deliver a truly therapeutic session. The session’s goal is to induce the “Relaxation Response”. The benefits of the ‘Relaxation Response” are reduction in blood pressure, reduction of heart rate and slower breathing. Once individuals reach the relaxation response, the mind and body are free to heal from within. The binaural beats within the music entrain the brain into brainwave patterns that are optimum for greater learning, creativity and relaxation. Once the brain calms, learning to deal with things like cravings, anxiety and anger becomes easier to control. For more information visit Futurethin.com.