(Andover, NJ) March 16, 2010 Integrity Defender Eve McCormick lends insight to the importance of reputation management

A great brand or your reputation can take months, if not years, to build.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – It can be destroyed in hours by a blogger upset with an individual or a company. Much harder is how to convince other people to remove harmful content that they’ve posted about an individual or a company. Don't let it lie; take action before it spreads further.

"Managing your online reputation doesn’t need to be difficult," says Eve McCormick, President of Integrity Defender.

Be careful which information you share publicly with an eye towards making a good impression on anyone who discovers an individual or company's information online, and be aware of anyone who says different. People will say what they like to say and how they want to say or do something that people might have never thought of. From social networking sites to individual blogs that may be deriding an individual's or company's reputation or to message board flame wars again and again, reputations are at stake. Regardless of whether we like the fact, people will base their decision about an individual or a company on what they see and hear online.

Reputation management is now a full time concern for individuals and businesses. While no one can completely prevent what people say about them online, there are alternatives to help control the conversation. "Choose your words and your actions carefully, even if you are defending your reputation against completely absurd and made-up accusations," adds McCormick.

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