Ground Breaking Political Thriller Now Released on Amazon

Author Richard Brennan has now released his exciting political campus thriller “Further Education” on Amazon as an ebook and as a paperback book.

Online PR News – 24-October-2012 – Oxford/Oxfordshire – The fast-paced, gripping new novel "Further Education" is the story of a working-class student who is disillusioned by a student activist group he meets at a middle class university in Southern England, as he sees them as dogmatic, bigoted, and not focusing on the real issues of poverty and cuts.

He is one of the few people brave enough to stand up against the student activist group when they invite an extremist anti-Semitic academic to speak there.

The battle between the student and his few supporters and the student activist group becomes murderous and changes the lives of those involved for ever.

The novel "Further Education" is on sale at Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

Author Richard Brennan commented: “I think people will really enjoy reading Further Education and will be thrilled by the twists in the story.”

The book isn’t meant to be an attack on students activists or the Left, rather on elements of the Left who are naive, too dogmatic and anti-Semitic.”

“The book also attacks the rise of misogyny and extreme materialism on campus, as well as the ideological austerity agenda being carried out.”

“The characters in the book bear no resemblance to anyone I know, but I feel like a story like Further Education has the potential to happen on a British university campus.”

Richard Brennan currently lives in Oxfordshire.

“Further Education” is Richard Brennan’s first novel.