Akaishi Global Announces Launch of Commodities Index and Futures

Provides More Precise, Convenient Trading of Commodities vs. Basket of Major Currencies

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – 24/10/2012 - London – Akaishi Global announced the launch of the new Commodities INDEX. The index will serve as the basis of a new futures contract. The contracts will be listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of Japan.

The new index combines six commodities futures (Gold, Oil, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Corn and Copper) and represents the relative value versus six major currencies. The currencies included are the Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, and Swiss franc. The Akaishi Global Commodities INDEX futures contract will provide a more efficient way for global market participants to trade a basket of six major commodities against the basket of the six currencies.

"The goal was to leverage the collective strengths of all commodities versus the currencies and create new index benchmarks across multiple asset classes, as well as develop customized index products," said Rodney Simons, Chief Equity Strategist for Fundamental Equities at Akaishi Global. "The launch of the new Commodities INDEX and the futures contract based on the index is the perfect intersection between index calculation and product development."  

"This new index leverages the capabilities and Akaishi Global' distribution experience and leading role in commodities futures," added Mr. Simons. "The methodology, as developed by Akaishi Global, includes currency-weighting of the index to reflect the economic realities, which makes the index a suitable strategic hedging instrument for market participants. This project is one example of how our joint venture will work to bring differentiated index products to market."
"Market participants have long shown an interest in trading a basket of commodities against the currencies as a means of managing their risk," said Julia Lieberman, Operations Manager for Akaishi Global.  "This new contract provides an easier way for customers to more precisely and conveniently lay off global currency risk with a single index.  Additionally, portfolio managers can dynamically hedge their positions against the index using the six most liquid currency contracts traded at Akaishi Global."

The growing managed futures business is becoming a more important part of the global economy. A secular bull market in commodities has brought in more capital. This may be a good time for responsible, licensed, and independent minded entities to consider working with Akaishi Global.
Akaishi Global is a 100% discretionary commodity trading advisor (CTA). We provide unique managed future programs to clients. We offer programs appropriate for various client objectives and risk tolerance levels. We position each account, and evaluate possible adjustments on an ongoing basis, in an attempt to maximize long term growth.