Can Acupuncture Accomplish Miracle Cures?

Acupuncture continues to gain in acceptance as a valid form of health care. Dr. Marlin Wilson of Wilson Acupuncture in Victoria, BC has helped many patients. Some say they have had miraculous cures. But can acupuncture rightly make claim to such lofty praise?

Online PR News – 24-October-2012 – Victoria, BC – Although thousands of years old, acupuncture is a relative new-comer to the western world. For many, the thought of having a needle stuck into their body brings shivers. Yet, more and more medical professionals recognize the value of acupuncture for dealing with certain health issues that seem out-of-reach of traditional remedies like medication. Where surgery is an option, it is usually invasive and expensive.

At the same time as professional views are changing, the average person is embracing acupuncture more readily. It is not unusual for many people to have friends or acquaintances who have tried acupuncture or even to have tried it themselves.

On the west coast of Canada, Victoria BC boasts a number of good acupuncture parishioners. One of the most respected is Dr. Marlin Wilson of wilson acupuncture victoria. In practice since 1997 Dr. Wilson brings healing in a cozy space in picturesque China town’s Tiger Alley.

During his career, Dr. Wilson has seen a number of miraculous cures that his patients associate with his help. But first, what is acupuncture? According to Dr. Wilson, it’s “a method of encouraging natural healing through the stimulation of energy pathways throughout the body called meridians.”

when receiving acupuncture you may feel a small pinch as the needles are inserted followed by a feeling of pressure warmth tingling heaviness or numbness around the point. This sensation is called qi sensation and it means your body is responding to the treatment.

Further, he says that “when receiving acupuncture you may feel a small pinch as the needles are inserted, followed by a feeling of pressure, warmth, tingling, heaviness, or numbness around the point. This sensation is called qi sensation, and it means your body is responding to the treatment.” Apparently patients often become so relaxed during treatment that they fall asleep.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) acupuncture is effective for treating 28 conditions, while evidence indicates it may have an effective therapeutic value for many more.

But can acupuncture bring about miraculous cures? Dr. Wilson is cautious when answering this question, but certainly a number of his patients indicate in the affirmative. One who was prone to pneumonia and asthma had this to say: “After the first week of treatment, I started reducing the use of my inhalers. After one month I was only taking a “puff “every few weeks. I have not had any colds for six months despite being exposed to many both at home and at work. I have had one relapse of my asthma which you were very prompt to address and from which I have recovered completely. I have not used any inhalers since a week after my relapse and do not crave naps on a daily basis.”

In a more unusual case, a patient suffering from poor acuity in each eye had this to say about results of treatment including her eye doctor’s response: “I went to the ophthalmologist today and had my eyes tested. Dr. Shortt was quite amazed at the improvement in my vision. On my last visit in Oct.16, my visual acuity was right eye 20/50 and my left eye was 20/40. Today they measured right eye 20/25 and left eye 20/20. Since my deteriorating eyesight is caused by macular degeneration brought on by diabetes, Dr. Shortt found it very unusual almost to the point of miraculous.”

Treatment can also take the form of Chinese massage (tui na) and herbal drinks. According to Dr. Wilson, tui na successfully treats joint pain but “also helps chronic conditions such as insomnia, constipation, headaches (including migraines), and the tension associated with stress.”

A patient suffering from 95% hearing loss in the left ear had this to say about treatment with herbs: “After drinking the herbal remedy Dr. Wilson prescribed for me three times a day for four days, I noticed I was turning down the volume on the T.V. consistently. We experimented by covering my stronger ear and amazingly my hearing in my left ear had improved enormously. I would suggest that from 3 to 5 percent hearing to at least 45 to 50 percent! What an unexpected miracle!”

So can acupuncture accomplish the miraculous? The anecdotal evidence above suggests ‘yes’. However, even without the miraculous, patients of Dr Wilson find relief at his practice through services that include acupuncture, food cures, massage, herbal remedies and facial beautification.

Dr Wilson says that he “welcomes all inquiries about his services and looks forward to taking on new patients.”

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