This Christmas give a gift that money can’t buy. Give the gift of hope, security, and protection. Give the gift of a sustainable home to those who can’t fight for themselves. This Christmas help out our closest relatives by supporting The Orangutan Project (TOP).

Online PR News – 25-October-2012 – Sydney/NSW – With a range of options to chose from there’s no denying that The Orangutan Project has all you need to give a meaningful gift while supporting a good cause. All funds made from product purchases and donations go directly to the The Orangutan Project’s plight to save critically endangered orangutans from extinction.

For those who want some cuddly friends, the TOP has a range of toys for all ages. The ‘Owen Orangutan’ is the perfect gift. Standing at 36cm tall with Velcro hands, it is a cute and cuddly addition to any toy collection. For something smaller, the ‘Lil Orangutan’ sits at 14 cm tall with soft and furry skin, it is an ideal gift for someone in need of a new cuddle-buddy. The ‘My Beany Babe’ orangutan is even smaller. It is easily carried and perfect for tiny tots and kids!

Cuddly Orange Friends

Large Owen Orangutan RRP $65.00
Lil Orangutan RRP $17.20
My Beany Babe RRP $15.20

Beautiful Books

Educate yourself and your kids on the plight of Critically Endangered orangutans with inspirational and informative books. ‘Finding Sheeko’ and ‘Adventures with Ollie the Orangutan’ are perfect bedtime stories that are sure to move and enlighten you and your kids.
Finding Sheeko RRP $8.30
Ollie the Orangutan RRP $11.30

Adopt an Orphan Orangutan in need of your help!
Want to do something more? Why not introduce a new member to the family this festive season.
Only one out of six orangutan orphans are lucky enough to be rescued from palm oil or paper plantations, or confiscated from people keeping them as illegal pets, or for sale on the illegal pet trade, with over 1,000-orphaned orangutans living in rescue and rehabilitation centres throughout Indonesia and Malaysia.

“Adopting an orangutan is such a commendable way to make a difference to the lives of our closest relatives. Adoption ensures the orangutans in our care centres receive vital resources such as safety, security, and a stable habitat that ultimately improves their survival chances and certifies a promising future in their natural environment. Adoptive families continually write to us about the impact is has on family members and their ability to contribute to the survival of the orangutan,” says Leif Cocks, President of the Australian Orangutan Project.

Each family and/or individual adopting an orphaned orangutan receives his or her very own adoption pack including a certificate. Adopting an orphan is also affordable, starting at just $55 per year!

Meet Some of Our Orangutan Orphans

This little cutie is a 2-year-old male called Pinky, born on the 19th December 2008. He is currently being cared for in Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre, Sumatra, Indonesia. Pinky is gradually developing into a handsome and independent young Orangutan. Like most infants, Pinky is playful and outgoing, he often looks up to the older Orangutans for friendship. With your help and support, Pinky has a promising future and a good candidate for returning to the wild.

Bunga arrived at the centre in West Kalimantan in November 2009. She was about 2½ years old. When she was first rescued, she was rather cautious and rarely left her caregiver’s side. However she gradually became increasingly independent and made a friend for life in Cindy, a female of Bunga’s age who was rescued in February 2010. The two girls are both competent climbers and spend most of their time not far apart from each other. These days she is a cheeky infant of between 4 and 5 years old, with a healthy appetite and gaining weight steadily.

The Twins Ganteng and Ginting
These two beautiful twin orangutans are a male and a female born in Batu Mbelin orangutan quarantine centre, near Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia on the 21st of January 2011. Unfortunately, the twins parents are both blind and can not adequately provide the complete parental support needed for newborns. With your help, these two beautiful creatures could have the chance to grow into strong, independent orangutans and live free from care and return to the wild.

Adoption is a beautiful selfless gift to give to a loved family member or friend. Without our Adoptive Parents, we would not be able to continue to fight for this Critically Endangered species.

Further information, adoption details and other gift ideas can be found at the The Orangutan Project website,

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