AllSight 1.0, the latest InfoTrellis application, will help companies to take advantage of what people have been calling Big Data: high value social media data about consumers freely available on the internet that has, until now, been incomprehensible to most analysis tools.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – TORONTO, ON – InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, announced today the free, pre-release version of InfoTrellis AllSight (TM) 1.0 -- a complete Big Data application designed to help companies increase sales and profits through better business decisions based on a 360 view of their customers.

As the industry's first Operational Big Data application, AllSight is redefining the market. AllSight manages Big Data so you can trust the outcome of Big Data Analytics by providing complete, qualified, relevant, consistent and actionable data. AllSight is available as a completely configurable application or on-demand as a cloud-based offering.

In contrast to most Big Data solutions, designed for aggregate analysis, AllSight analyzes all internal and external data, to identify relevant activity and provide users with actionable intelligence at a customer level. Marketers can use AllSight to gain a more complete and actionable understanding of customer interests, sentiments and buying patterns. Executives can use the system to improve and enforce best practices, and can refine those practices over time in response to new information or changing business conditions.

"Executives have been asking for a complete, real-time solution to provide actionable intelligence on their customers for years," said Mahmood Abbas, the CEO and Co-Founder of InfoTrellis. "AllSight 1.0 gives our customers both the platform to collect info and the application to make it available to managers and front-line workers in real-time."

While most Big Data tool vendors offer platforms to build upon, they don’t provide end-user functionality to solve companies’ most pressing problems. AllSight is different: - it enriches internal customer records with trusted customer information from Big Data sources to provide- insights that end-users can leverage in real-time.
According to Gartner, "Through 2015, organizations integrating high-value, diverse, new information types and sources into a coherent information management
infrastructure will outperform their industry peers financially by more than 20 percent."(1)

The AllSight 1.0 release provides numerous enhancements to an organization’s use of customer data with a wide variety of functionality. The revolutionary InfoTrellis Big Data management application leverages several unique features, giving AllSight the ability to:

-- Utilize innovative “contextual” matching techniques that are used to match and merge data such as tweets to customers and products;

-- Assign quality confidence rating to data so analytical processes use appropriate data based on their specific needs;

-- Collect and report on metrics for Big Data Governance; and

-- Provide an end user application for surfacing actionable customer insights in real-time or access the data through any of their existing systems through AllSight’s extensive/flexible adapters.

“InfoTrellis is uniquely positioned to help organizations capitalize on the Big Data opportunity; we are providing an innovative business solution with the ability to finally transform the massive amounts of un-used or under-used internal and external data into actionable assets that can drive growth and profits,” said David Borean, VP of Products, InfoTrellis Inc.

“It is the difference between knowing what the general public is saying about your newest product and what your high value customers are saying about it. Or what the customer on the phone right now thinks about your newest product.”

AllSight is a Java application that leverages advanced techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing. It runs on Big Data platforms such as Hadoop and traditional industry leading database technologies to provide flexibility for deployment into your environment; - a cloud-based offering is also available.

InfoTrellis is welcoming early adopters to try this free, pre-release version of AllSight for the Cloud to help their programming teams rapidly achieve Big Data objectives. To insure proper installation, InfoTrellis will provide support to help quickly install and configure the product.

For more information, or to try the pre-release version of AllSight for the Cloud, visit the InfoTrellis team at IBM Information On Demand 2012 - in Las Vegas, NV, October 20-25, 2012 or contact InfoTrellis at

(1) Gartner presentation, “Deriving New Value from Merging the Worlds of Diverse Data,” Rita Sallam, April 2-4, 2012.