Unique Job Searching Website Launched - A Brand New Approach To Recruiting

Considering the condition of the recent financial climate where recruiters are being forced to minimise marketing and advertising costs there has been great curiosity proven by both direct companies and recruitment bureaus for this sort of free service. It really is considered that Nineoclock will bring genuine advantage to both recruiters and job seekers alike which will hopefully get the recruitment market heading in an upward manner rather than, as it at the moment is, gone stale.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – THORNCOMBE – Today|This afternoon} sees the unveiling of a whole new job searching site Nineoclock which has made finding work opportunities for job seekers even less complicated. This ground breaking job site provides totally free marketing and advertising for business employers and free services for job seekers. Furthermore, it is one of the most straightforward to use within the employment industry. This particular job search websites has been designed in order to give people looking for work the ability to find as well as apply for many hundreds of opportunities within three clicks of their mouse. Considering the state of the recent economic climate where employers are being required to reduced advertising and marketing costs there has been good desire shown by both direct businesses and hiring agencies for this kind of free service. It's considered that Nineoclock can bring genuine benefit to both business employers and job seekers alike which will eventually get the job market heading in an upward manner rather than, as it presently is, gone stale. The primary aim is to help as many individuals back into office jobs as possible whilst helping employers maximise their employment exposure. A lot of man hours have already been spent studying what exactly business employers as well as job applicants are looking for in an internet-based recruitment advertising medium and this site has been designed around the received feed back. The online recruitment industry has been certainly one of the quickest developing markets on the internet over the last few years with the migration of print mass media to internet services which has both increased the speed in which job hunters may find work whilst reducing the fees to companies regarding recruitment advertising.