3K Corporation now offers free hosting for users of their popular web design tool - Easysitebuilderonline.com

Take control of your website. Create a professional website in minutes, virtually from anywhere in the world 24/7 without any prior experience and get free hosting.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – 3K Corporation, a leading company in web and multimedia design now offers free hosting for users of its popular website building tool; easysitebuilderonline.com
Easysitebuilderonline.com is a powerful drag and drop website making tool which comes with hundreds of professionally designed, easily customizable templates with which users can create mind blowing websites in a simple, fast and cost effective way. Anyone can create a business, recreational, educational, personal or professional website in just a few minutes and there is absolutely no page limitation.
Users can customize their site any way they like. Videos, pictures, texts and maps can be added by simply dragging them to their website. Users can enhance the site with file attachments, stunning albums and music. Adding Flash files, hyperlinks, lists, meta-tags, book-marking, custom HTML, widgets, etc. are simpler than ever. Those who looking to increase the revenue of their website can add Google AdSense in few simple clicks! Video demonstrations and detailed tutorials illustrate everything the user needs to know. Absolutely no HTML, design or other technical skills are required!
Today, websites are an integral part of any individual or business. But having a reliable website at an affordable price is still a dream for many. “If you’re not a web designer, don't want to pay a company to create a website for them, or don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a website, this is the right tool for you” said Manoj Koottappilly, Chairman and CEO of 3K Corporation. “It was our mission and dream to provide a tool like this to the world, where anybody can create their mind blowing websites without any coding knowledge” added Mr. Koottappilly.
Anyone is FREE to create any number of sites with any design from easysitebuilderonline.com and if satisfied with the results, get it for a flat rate of $9.99. Compare this with the money and time you have to invest when creating a website using traditional methods. Once the website is created, host it free with easysitebuilderonline.com or download it with full source code. At any time customers can access their account, edit the contents of their site using the built in “Content Management System” and download it or update to their live site.
There’s even more!!! At no charge, users can select from three different hosting options. Users can use their own domain name (i.e. www.mysite.com) that they already own, or they have the option to purchase a domain directly within easysitebuilderonline.com. If users don’t need any domain, can of course use the sub-domain name (i.e. www.mysitename.ezsitebuilderonline.com ). Users get 5 Gigabytes of web-space and unlimited bandwidth for their hosting with easysitebuilderonline.com.
For more information and to create a website, please visit http://www.easysitebuilderonline.com.

About 3K Corporation:
Since 2004, 3K Corporation is providing cutting-edge solutions to various industries in the area of e-commerce, business process outsourcing & co-sourcing, application development, web design, animation and multimedia. The company is also providing a wide variety of cost effective products for various industries. A dedicated team of professionals are always there to meet client expectations.

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