NetIDme unveils secure identity verification for social networks and email

New developments help consumers to prove their identity across the internet - adding credibility to opinions and strengthening online relationships.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – Glasgow, Scotland – Today, NetIDme unveiled breakthrough developments to their global online identity verification service. NetIDme is helping consumers to prove their identity across their social networks and via email - adding credibility to opinions and strengthening online relationships. The NetID system is unique in the way that it displays information, protecting users from the threat of identity theft.
NetIDme delivers a truly global service capable of verifying identity in every country around the world. Well established within the identity verification field, they have been providing peer to peer identity verification services since 2006 using NetIDs (virtual online ID cards).

Consumers are always in full control of what information is shown on their NetID. Identity attributes are presented without ever disclosing enough information to recreate an identity. The process protects consumers from identity theft in online.

Today, NetIDme announced the introduction of their new Email Seal which delivers email validation. Consumers can now verify their emails and sign them as they would a letter. By including the Email Seal in their email signature, users can prove that they are the legitimate source of their communications and add credibility to content.

With so many fake profiles reported on social networks, understanding who is genuine is a problem faced by millions. In recognition of this, NetIDme has developed their new Social Seal. This product allows users to connect their social networking accounts to their NetID. By doing this, consumers can prove that they own their accounts – bringing a level of trust to their online relationships.

This is the most secure way available to prove identity across the internet. Before seeing any identity information, viewers of a NetID must first confirm accurate details regarding where they are accessing the NetID from. These details must match those registered with a verified NetID account. This prevents impersonators from fraudulently linking to a NetID. It also means that upon viewing a NetID, consumers can be 100% certain that the information they are seeing relates to the person who owns the profile or email address.

NetIDme’s solution puts the consumer back in control of their identity. Everyone who signs up for a NetID can see a fully transparent list of everyone who has viewed their information.
Alex Hewitt, NetIDme’s CEO commented: “In a world where we live increasingly online, knowing who you are dealing with has never been more relevant. Thanks to these new developments consumers can now prove their identity across a range of platforms in a safe and secure way without having to worry about ID theft.”

About NetIDme: NetIDme is the only digital identity verification service that offers a secure solution for both adults and minors. NetIDme was formed in 2006 out of a genuine concern for online safety. Founder Alex Hewitt was astonished to find that of the 150 people on his daughter's online friends list she knew only 50. In a bid to protect people online, the NetID system was born in order to check (and prove) that people really are ‘who they say they are’.