Overcoming mediocrity with C. Paschal Eze’s Prominence Power Kit

Crowd hurts job prospects, careers, businesses, nonprofits

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – Coralville Iowa ---It is a human function to be part of a group, to have a sense of belonging in society but hiding in a crowd is masquerading one’s weakness and inability to prove one’s worth and ethos, according to C. Paschal Eze’s 10th book, “Prominence Power Kit: Dare to become a well known, highly admired and world changing VIP” (hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-0-9844005-2-2) which shares priceless proven secrets, tools and techniques of overcoming obscurity and mediocrity and becoming a powerful VIP.

Regrettably, many college graduates, professionals, entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives wallow in small significance and little impact, and though hiding in a crowd might seem exciting at times especially during games, concerts and political rallies, when the excitement dies down, they go back to their frustration, mediocrity and insecurity. The transient veil is removed and unfavorable reality beams again.

And before long, you see them again bowing to relevance by association, bragging about who they saw up close at the games, which celebrities looked in their direction at the concerts, and which politician robot-called their best friend’s father’s boss. They continue hiding in the crowd and helping to make one VIP or another richer, more prominent, more powerful and more influential when they ought to become VIPs themselves.

Become VIPs too? Yes, anybody determined to shake themselves free from the shackles of small significance, impact and respect in society can become a real VIP using the tried and tested tools and techniques clearly laid out in Prominence Power Kit. The workshop in book form shows its target readers how to get in the mind of news media professionals and secure free media publicity, how to attract meaningful attention and gain high brand name awareness and when and how to rebrand oneself, how to establish, promote and protect one’s reputation online, valuable ready-to-apply secrets of establishing and projecting one’s strength wisely as a pathway to prominence, surefire promotion tips and tools, what the VIPs do that anyone can copy without spending money, among others.

Its author, Eze, who is also the author of Prosperity Power Kit, posits that given the choice between obscurity and prominence, most people will like to choose the latter. “Bragging about seeing a VIP up-close at a football game or political fundraiser or shaking a celebrity’s hand at a concert will not lift them from obscurity and mediocrity. The VIP may have made more money and become more prominent, more powerful and more influential on the back of the crowd.”

As Eze sees it, there is always a VIP behind a crowd and that VIP is out to make some money, which is not a bad thing. Hardly do we come across people who do not desire to make some gains or take their lives, job search, careers, businesses or nonprofits to the next level. The problem is when such people remain loyal to their everyone-is-like-everyone-else cocoon which is a goldmine for crowd architects and developers.

“Thus they need to set themselves apart from that crowd, they need to shine and thrive in their endeavors and this book clearly shows them how,” adds Eze, a widely traveled change management strategist, certified training consultant and former daily newspaper and business magazine editor-in-chief who has been inspiring and educating audiences in different parts of the world for nearly 20 years.

“Prominence Power Kit: Dare to become a well known, highly admired and world changing VIP” is for all those who are tired of being obscure and mediocre in the crowd and truly desire to glow and gain big. The book shows them step-by-step ways to become real VIPs using proven tools and techniques that have delivered results again and again.

For more information on the book, please visit its Amazon.com page, http://www.amazon.com/Prominence-Power-Kit-admired-changing/dp/0984400524/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_6 or call 1-319-351-9695 to schedule an interview with the author C. Paschal Eze.