(Bridgeton,MO) March 25, 2010 Michael Hathman of Smart Solutions Credit Repair announces financial needs analysis services

In today’s economy, many families are worried about layoffs, foreclosures and mounting debt.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – Families are looking for ways to cut costs, save more and make smarter money choices for the future. Regardless of whether parents hope to pay for children to go to college or fund a comfortable retirement, people need a strategy for getting there. Smart Solutions Credit Repair's Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) can provide you with a personalized road map to out a financial destination.

Services include:Debt Elimination-Discover strategies for paying off credit cards and loans in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Retirement Solutions-Receive a detailed analysis regarding the amount of money needed to live the retirement of your dreams. Income Protection-Find out what is needed to do to ensure the family's financial future should a spouse die prematurely.
Education Funding-Estimate the actual costs for sending a child to a specific school and find out how to fund a child’s education.

"We're excited to be adding these new services to our company. Financial health is all about your choices. Everyone has made some good ones and bad ones. It’s never too late to change your financial future," says Michael Hathman of Smart Solutions Credit Repair.

About SSCR
Smart Solutions Credit Repair is an independent credit repair and financial consulting company, focused exclusively on helping clients improve credit scores, financial security, and overall quality of life. Smart Solutions has built its reputation helping people (often dramatically) improve their FICO credit scores. As part of our streamlined program, clients improve all aspects of their net worth and personal security. Smart Solutions is the best first step in improving your credit.