Profitable Trading System Released to General Public with Free Trial
03/25/2010 has released its proprietary forex day trading system used by its successful elite traders for over 10 years to the general public. Offering Free Trial for public to see results for themselves.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – Day Trading has become a very popular way of making money from home. Trading is considered among many as the best online business. You can spend as little or as much time as you like trading on the markets. Nowadays with the power of leverage you don’t need that much money to get started trading either. Unfortunately most people don’t know where to start. Your day trading success depends entirely on the right trading knowledge and as much day trading experience you can get your hands on. In this release, we will explain what is required to trade successfully in the lucrative world of forex trading, futures trading and commodities trading.

First of all it helps to observe what separates the successful traders from the unsuccessful traders. Traders who fail don’t have consistent entry or exit rules. Using a day trading system will dramatically increase your chances to succeed, simply because it eliminates reasons why unprepared traders fail. Day trading systems involves the use of rules. Rules can consistently be used to enter and exit a trading position. No emotions are involved. No hearsay such as “my friend bought ABC and it is going up. Should I buy?” or “My trade has gone this high up. Should I sell now?” With a day trading system you know exactly where to buy and where to sell.

Good day trading systems have a stop loss and price target before you have even entered the position. This is great because you can work out your reward risk ratio. You should only trade positions which have at least 2:1 reward risk ratio. Anything lower and it will be frustrating to trade. Reward Risk ratio allows you to have greater chance of becoming profitable because when you have a win it takes 2 losses to cancel the win if you use a reward risk ratio of 2:1 for each trade. Having a high reward and low risk ratio provides traders with a high reward and low risk trading system.

Another property of a good day trading system is early entry signals just as the trend is about to change directions. This is called market timing. The earlier you get in at the end of the trend just before it changes direction, the lower the risk and the higher the reward. Good market timing can be achieved using high probability time cycles. With time cycles you know when to trade and they can also tell you when not to trade.

Other properties of good day trading systems is the ability to profit from both directions. This gives you more opportunities to profit from bull markets and bear markets. Whether the market is booming or crashing such as during the year 2001 you can make sure you are on the safe and right side of the market.

Trading has welcomed all different walks of life and is a world wide phenomenon. Forex is money and money is used everywhere around the world. A good day trading system should be capable of being traded from anywhere around the world. Day trading systems with time cycles such as offer multiple time zones so wherever you are in the world you can trade successfully with the use of consistently reliable time cycles.

For those looking for the ultimate day trading system which employs all the properties above, look no further than KnowWhenToTrade has provided a consistently reliable forex day trading system for over 10 years ever since the EURO was introduced. It has stood the test of time. KnowWhenToTrade provides step by step instructions to become a successful trader. KnowWhenToTrade also provide links to the best broker, trading spreadsheets, and other trading tools. If you’re really serious about making money in the forex market, you need to learn to trade the way the professionals do. Don’t miss the next trade that can lead you to financial freedom.

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