World Polio Day

Thanks to Dr. Jonas Silk, the man behind the development of the vaccine for bringing the people together and fight the polio menace.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – Mumbai 24th Oct 2012 – In 1988, there were 350 00 polio cases which has now come down to 1352 in 2010
India joined the list of Polio free endemic countries and 2012 is the first year for Polio free India
Only three countries Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan are left with Polio Cases reported
World Polio Day is a collaborative global effort to eradicate the disease completely. Reaching 99% polio free statistics is a big milestone but as long as there remains a single child, the risk is still high.
Since India has been declared Polio free does not mean that we should stop. Until and unless every single child is fully vaccinated we need to keep going on.
Polio virus could be easily transported from a Polio infected country to a Polio free country.
Today with the efforts of WHO, rotary club, UNICEF, CDC and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 99% of the World Population has been made Polio Free.

This is why there is the need to observe this day. World polio day is an opportunity to renew its promise to eradicate Polio completely from the World. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative calls for improvement in the quality of Polio campaigns round after round. Also efforts are made for improved disease surveillance, improved routine immunization and greater accessibility to safe water and sanitation facilities around the globe.

medeCure is not only an online health portal which is confined to information service delivery but is also committed to make the World completely disease free. Come and join hands with us and give your vital contribution to take the 99% figure to complete 100%. Together we can and we will achieve.