Now Available Similiar's EVILog 3: DIY Evil Minion

A momentous event has taken place in the depths of Similiar’s Evil Lair as he has given life to the World’s newest evil sidekick!

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – AKERSTROM – Similiar Scumgullian, the world’s most beloved, yet least successful evil villain from the Webseries “Similiar & Familiar”, has achieved a new level in his evil genius evolution through the successful creation of the World’s newest evil sidekick!

“After several unsuccessful interviews with a variety of evil sidekicks from around the globe, it became apparent that the only way to achieve perfection in a sidekick would be to create one,” expounded Similiar Scumgullian at a recent convention of Evil Villains which was held in Las Vegas. “Finding someone with the perfect combination of loyalty, submissiveness and intelligence is nearly an impossible task. Therefore the only logical answer is to create one!” (

Careful consideration was given to what the base of the evil familiar would be constructed from. It was decided that metal has too much potential for rust and excessive noise as the clinking sounds would, no doubt, echo throughout the lair. Plastic is too eco-friendly as its recyclable properties could give off the incorrect feeling of being “earth friendly.”

Meticulous research revealed that familiars created from combining a variety of parts from humans, typically whatever was available at the local sanitarium, would most likely lead to a creature that was uncontrollable and doomed for a life of being chased by torch yielding village peasants.

“Knowing that the base should be a natural life-form with little to no self-esteem, the logical solution was of course, a vegetable!” declared Similiar to no one in particular. “The trick, of course, you see, is to select a vegetable that it typically despised by most children and never grows to a state where it could become too strong or large to control.”

As with many of his adventures, the unprecedented moment of Familiar Vegetable’s creation was captured in Similiar’s latest EVILog which is now available online at Additional information, comments on the event and general guidance on Evil Genius Downloads can be found on Similiar’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as on his newly created Pinterest page; where, incidentally, a list of the previously interviewed evil sidekicks which did not make the cut can also be found.

About Balthazaar Media - The Creators of Similiar & Familiar:
The Similiar & Familiar fantasy webseries is the masterful creation of Balthazaar Media’s Wendi Graham and Noah Norton. The webisodes are lead by lead actor, David Smyth, who plays the charming and quirky main character, Similiar Scumgullian; the evil villain sure to capture your heart and have you rooting for him in the end!

Scheduled to launch in November 2012, the Similiar EVILogs have been created as a behind-the-scenes look at Similiar and his road to evil villain history, which can be seen in the upcoming webseries, “Similiar & Familiar.”

And to the town of Akerstrom, as it is a fictitious place, Balthazaar Media would like to state that all fictitious residences are encouraged to relax and rely in the knowledge that no evil plot has actually been formed and that all characters portrayed in this webseries, much like the towns people of Akerstrom, are all fictitious in nature.

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