Student Spins Million-Dollar Net Idea

Future grad student hopes to graduate without debt by selling over $300,000 of internet advertising space on new million-dollar homepage concept.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – Greenacres, Florida – Luis Aponte of Greenacres, Florida is planning to be the first in his family to pursue a master’s degree and to self-produce two board games by launching his own spin on the Million-Dollar Homepage with By combining traditional and affiliate ads, Aponte plans to avoid taking well over $80,000 in student loans for his graduate degree at his dream college.

Companies choose from available pixels on the site and buy their own for one dollar each. The inspiration came from the original million-dollar homepage created by a 21-year old college student only six years earlier, but with an added twist.

'Minimum investment with residual returns'

"Although the original concept was a brilliant idea that deserves recognition, the Million-Dollar Homepage was only able to generate money once,” says Luis Aponte, founder of Think-a-ma-bob Games, LLC. By combining the original concept with popular toy and game affiliate ads, Aponte will attempt to create a continuous stream of passive income within his niche market. If successful, Aponte will not only become the first in his family to go to graduate school debt-free, but also plans to self-produce two of his board game inventions and sell them in trade shows and online.

Luis D. Aponte is an author, self-professed board game geek, and inventor of two independent board games called "Global Quest" and "Treasure Hold ‘Em." He is also the founder of Think-a-ma-bob Games, LLC. You can read Luis Aponte's blog on

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