Penna Electric Has Added Solar Power To Their List of Electrical Services

Penna Electric, a Manhattan Beach based electrical company, seeing a strong need for viable energy solutions in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, recently sourced the best solar products in the industry to meet demands.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – Manhattan Beach, California – Not all homes and structures can properly sustain a solar power system, but Penna Electric has pin-pointed 9,400 households in Southern California as prime candidates for getting the maximum benefit out of solar power.

Solar power is an ideal energy solution for homes and businesses alike because beyond initial installation and maintenance, solar energy is one hundred percent free. It can completely eliminate an electric bill. From an environmental stand point, solar power doesn’t emit any green house gases, protecting our resources and climate. It increases independence from fossil resources, and contributes to the avoidance of political and military conflicts. Solar power allows communities to build a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly and safe energy supply.

Upon adding solar power services, Penna Electric teamed up with the best American based companies in the business. Solar panels are being sourced from SolarWorld, a company that has been helping homeowners and businesses put the sun to work for over 35 years. They have invested over $500 million to expand U.S. manufacturing of solar systems.

The Silicon Valley Toxicicity Coalition rated SolarWorld number one for their sustainable manufacturing and business practices, and SolarWorld has pioneered a solar panel recycling program. The company can recycle spent solar panels while recycling materials at all stages of the manufacturing process. SolarWorld is also the first solar company to offer a 25-year linear performance guarantee.

Inverters and power optimizers are being sourced from SolarEdge, winner of the prestigious Intersolar 2012 Innovation Award, and a company that is setting new standards for solar PV performance, safety and reliability. SolarEdge products enable up to 25% more energy, maximum design flexibility, cost effective module-level maintenance and supreme safety.

The utilization of SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers decreases installation time and design costs because less inverters have to be used, resulting in less cabling costs, higher roof utilization, higher peak power and less cost per watt. There is also an ease of maintenance due to technology that allows SolarEdge inverters to work with any manufacturer, mismatched panels, and strings of different lengths.

“By providing cutting-edge solar power installations, we’re enabling homes and businesses to be free of increased energy costs, and improve our at-risk eco-system. We believe that all Americans have a responsibility to the environment and to the government to not consume natural resources. Solar systems lower energy draw considerably, and the lower the energy draw, the lower the carbon footprint. If we can contribute to an accession in solar power installations for our local community, it will have a prodigious environmental impact on our state and country. And because it creates jobs and helps people save money, it’s a win-win situation for the economy,” said Penna Electric’s Vice President of Operations Travis Brandt.