sets precedent for safest dating network

While Online Dating has become an amazing and important way to search for and meet singles, it also opens the door to scammers trying to take advantage of those who are looking for love.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Often times scammers prey on people in vulnerable situations like singles looking for
dates. Combine that with promises of love, companionship, and happiness, internet dating scammers have found a ripe target. Every day people are ripped-off by scammers targeting eager singles online. has released the following tips and tricks to make
your online dating experience safe and joyous.

The following are some common traps, and tips which will help show you
how to spot and avoid various online dating scams:

Internet Dating Scam Detection Basics:

If someone asks you outright for money, this is an obvious trick,
scam, and one or many scammers are behind this.

If someone asks you to cash a check or money order for them.

If the grammar and tone of responses change frequently and between
messages, chances are there’s a network of scam artists doing this to
you and others.

Scammers always use fake profiles from which to target and communicate
with their victims. Ask some specific questions about their background
and what they have written in their profile.

If they are hesitant,unable, or unwilling to give details, they are probably operating
using a fake profile and fake user in general.

If almost immediately the scammer is talking about how sad or bad
his/her current situation is, and trying to instill pity and gain

This almost always leads to the scammer gradually moving
towards acting desperate and luring the victim to send money,
merchandise, or anything else of value. This will continue until the
victim is literally ”dried up” and has nothing left to send

In addition to educating our users Matesmingle utilizes proprietary
security software to detect users that are not in the United States
and block them from signing up to the website. This is done by
detecting the IP Address of the users computer and matching it to the
location the user claims.

That being said there’s plenty of real people looking to meet someone
special, and with safe practices you should continue to enjoy the
amazing myriad of people and potential online dating has to offer!