Klavier Lernen: The new e-learning destination for aspiring pianists

Klavier Lernen is a fairly new online piano training center that has climbed to fame in very less time.

Online PR News – 23-October-2012 – -, Zurich – Klavier Lernen is a fairly new online piano training center that has climbed to fame in very less time. Many people are talking about the site at music forums, Face book and Twitter. Based in Switzerland, this e-learning institute has some skilled organizers to its credit who has done a great job of cultivating new talents in their students.

While talking to one of the http://www.klavier-lernen.ch correspondents, we found out some interesting facts that made the place so popular among online circles. Here is what he had to say, “Klavier Lernen focuses on creating a strong musical base for the students. This might take time and initially we had to spend lot of time editing and re-doing the tunes composed by inexperienced students, but then, that’s what we are here for. I mean, what is the challenge in teaching only the good ones?” This sounded quite encourage for aspiring piano artists who cannot play a chord without sound weird. So the message is, do not quit so early, you can still create wonders if you are lucky enough to get a tutor like Sven Haefliger – the man behind Klavier Lernen.

Sven Haefliger is a renowned pianist who runs his own music school in Zurich. But in an attempt to spread his knowledge and art skills to rest of the piano lovers across the world, he has taken time from his busy schedule to design online courses and tutorials for Klavier- Lernen.ch students. In an online interview he shared his views about the whole online teaching thing. “This is a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and skills with far away people who cannot find time to attend music schools but are still desirous of learning the amazing art of piano. It was a new challenge for me but it turned out great and I could manage to earn some great students with whom I get to interact on a regular basis”.

• Address* : Aargauerstr. 1
• Zip* : 8048
• City* : Zuerich
• Phone Number* : 076 364 89 18
• Email* : info@klavier-lernen.ch