How To Tips for Storing Belongings During a Move

Boston Moving Company Humboldt Storage and Moving Shares Ideas on Keeping Items Safe and Protected

Online PR News – 22-October-2012 – Boston, Mass – Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Boston, largest United Van Lines agent and experts in stress-free moving know that in many cases, a family must seek out storage options when they move.

There are many details to consider and manage during a move; one of which may be where to store items. Often extenuating circumstances interrupt a move like a new house remodel taking too long or not finding a house or apartment in your new location. These cause movers to seek out ways to store items when they are between the home they are leaving and their new destination.

When storing personal belongings there are a few important factors to consider ensuring the safety and maintaining the integrity of these items.

Do you need it: Moving can be difficult enough but having to be reasonable when packing can be challenging and emotional. When considering what belongings to store try to remain objective. Simply stated, if it has not been used it is not needed, do not pay to move or store it. Taking time to carefully weed through belongings while also taking a hard line with sentimentality can save money in the long run.

Keep an inventory list: With so many details to manage during a move and so many belongings to keep track of, it does not hurt to have a few different check lists. Although it takes a minute to create the lists, in the end it will keep better track of your belongings and know what is where. Managing lists will also ensure a family is not moving items they cannot live without.

Keep it if you need it: Don’t store belongings that will be needed in the short term. When contemplating what to store during a move, it is best not to store items that a family needs access to in the coming months; they may be difficult to retrieve for much longer than expected. The warehousing moving companies offer is not a self storage unit and accessing your items will usually involve fees and labor.

Climate control: It is important to pursue a climate controlled environment for items like: expensive artwork, family heirlooms and delicate furniture. In these carefully monitored storage areas not only is temperature controlled so is humidity and light. Safety features are built in to alert of any changes to the atmosphere to ensure your belongings are protected. However, don’t be fooled by moving companies that claim to offer climate controlled storage when all they offer is temperature control.

Planning a move that requires storage takes a little extra effort. A family needs to be mindful of what will move with them and what will stay behind. Hiring a reputable and experienced moving company that also specializes in storage will ease a mover’s mind during the moving process.

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