Originals By Weber Announces New Product: Toasty Feet Foot Warmers Use NASA Designed Insulation

Weber introduces the world's best non-electric Weber Toasty Feet Foot Warmer Insoles with a new NASA designed ultra- thin insulation material.

Online PR News – 22-October-2012 – October 22, 2012 – Toms River, NJ, -- Weber introduces the world's best non-electric Weber Toasty Feet Foot Warmer Insoles with a new NASA designed ultra- thin insulation material. This barrier-type insulation was used by astronauts during space walks and is now available as unique foot warming insoles for people to wear in their shoes and boots to keep feet warm and comfortable here on earth. Result: No more cold feet! These non-electric temperature level control (TLC) very thin insoles are less than 1/4 - inch thick and can be used as both shoe and boot liners. Can be trimmed to exact size with scissors. Feet are kept at a constant 72 degrees (F) at all times. Weber Toasty Feet Foot Warmer Insoles are available in sizes for both men and women & are ready for immediate shipping from Weber in Toms River, New Jersey.

Toasty Feet Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dqQzqrl_p5E

Originals by Weber, Terrance L. Weber,owner, of Toms River, NJ announces the immediately available Weber non-electric Toasty Feet Foot Warming Insoles with temperature level control insulation (TLC) material originally developed by NASA for use in boots and space suits to give comfort, warmth and protection during astronauts' walks in space.

This high tech insulation, known as: "Aerogel" (also called "frozen smoke") is the lightest and lowest-density solid known to exist. It also holds the World records for being the best insulator and the lowest density solid. Aerogel insulation material is composed of amorphous Silicon Dioxide, and is 99.8% air. Aerogel is chemically similar to ordinary glass. Aerogel's true strength is its incredible insulating properties. It negates just about any kind of energy transfer: thermal, electrical or acoustic. Aerogel's density is just 3 milligrams per cubic centimeter (it weighs only 3 times that of air).Its melting point is 2,200 degrees (F.) 1,200 degrees (C).

This amazing space-age NASA "spin-off" insulation material is used in these new Weber Toasty Feet, non-electric insoles which are designed for the general public to use and will fit inside most shoes and boots after being easily trimmed with scissors to the wearer's shoe size. This very thin insulating material will maintain the wearer's feet at approximately 72 degrees (F) temperature at all seasons of the year, hot or cold, indoors and outdoors.
When standing on either hot or cold surfaces the insoles do not reflect the temperature of those surfaces, instead, this high-tech insulation material monitors and maintains the temperature - as a barrier - so the wearer's feet are never too cold nor too hot. This kind of constant temperature level control (TLC) results in a level of foot comfort never before attained by people here on earth.

When Weber was asked what kind of comments (feedback) he gets from his Weber Toasty Feet Foot Warming Insole customers he replied with these examples:

(1) " Thank you. I have suffered for years from cold feet in winter, but now, thanks to your great insoles, my feet, even in tennis shoes, are always comfortably warm"
(2) "Wow! These really work!"
(3) " I am amazed! Fabulous item, don't hesitate to order!"
(4) "Ah…warmth at last!"
(5) ”Fantastic - they actually work and keep my feet warm, fast shipping. “
(6) “Hip-hip-hooray!! These really work. Thanks so much “
(7) “Thank you, thank you! The perfect solution to my husband's cold feet!'
(8) “FOOT WARMERS: Excellent. They work very well in minus 45-degree (F) weather. Great find.”
(9) “WOW!! These work! Thank You!!'
(10) “These deliver heat stated in adv. Best I have used . No more buying D batteries”
(11) " I LOVE this product...U will, too!! THANKS A MIL."

New Toasty Feet Foot Warmer Video Now Available:
One pair of Weber non-electric Toasty Feet Foot Warming Insoles are priced at $25.00. Shipping within USA is free. Made in USA and shipped from Toms River, NJ. For more information, or to see a Weber Toasty Feet Video go to following website: http://www.originalsbyweber.com

To place an order, write to: Originals By Weber, 338 Alabama Ave., Toms River, NJ 08753. Or call: 877-309-8382 or 732-864-0353.

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