Australia Launches the First Global Open-Mic Stand Up Comedy Contest

We are offering everybody in the world an open platform to perform five minutes of unedited, raw stand up comedy. The whole world gets to vote. There is a $5,000 for the best new comic and another $5,000 prize for the most popular critic.

Online PR News – 22-October-2012 – Sydney, Australia –, the first global open-mic contest for comedians has
just opened. gives anybody anywhere in the world five
minutes to record an unedited comedy video for the whole world to judge.

Sydney entrepreneur, Adrian Saunders, is one of the two founders of
Sydney’s iconic “quest for the best contest”. His new Online concept
combines Saunders’ passion for creating engaged online communities with
his love of stand-up comedy.

“The most frustrating part of being a new stand-up comic is the lack of stage
time available. When you do land a gig, often the audience is small and often
consists of other comics nervously waiting their own stage time”. allows comics to have a global audience. Our
commitment is breathe new life into the local comedy scenes, create an
opportunity for comics to develop themselves and create the stars of
tomorrow”. Saunders states.

Launched with local Australian comedians in September 2012, has opened its doors to the wider world this October.

Running for a full years season, the brand new comedy contest offers a
$5000 USD prize for the most popular comedian and a $5000 for the most
liked “critic” comment.

There are three rules to the game. First, the entrant must be an amateur
(defined as earning less than $5000 USD per year). Second the footage can
only be edited with a cut at the beginning and the end (i.e. one take). Third,
there must be no nudity or sexually explicit imagery in the footage. With the
exception of these three rules, comedians and aspiring comedians are free to
say or do anything they want.

“To be honest, I was and am a little nervous about what may show up” adds
Saunders. However, open-mic is open mic. It’s the raw, unpolished and
uncensored environment of a live open-mic stand up comedy room that we
are recreating Online for the whole world to enjoy. Let the chips fall where
they may” Saunders adds resolutely. brings the concept of the local stand-up comedy contest
from the corner rooms of local pubs and clubs to a global online audience.

Comedy requests represent over twenty million searches on Google each
month (not including the more generic term “entertainment”). Comedy and
entertainment also take up over 23% of all YouTube searches. With these
statistics in mind it is evident that online has become an alternative venue of
choice for consumers to enjoy comedy from the comfort of their own lounge
rooms. is a pioneer project availing amateur comics with a
worldwide audience and the chance to become a global star.