'Bottle' the talent in your business with two new books from leading author Peter Freeth

Leading business author Peter Freeth has released two new books, both based on his unique approach to modelling and replicating talent withing a business, but each aimed at a different reader's needs.

Online PR News – 22-October-2012 – Birmingham, UK – Business author Peter Freeth has released two new books on the subject of reproducing innate talents to achieve high performance in any organisation.

Freeth has taken the unusual approach of releasing two books based on the same foundation, aimed at the needs of two different types of reader.

"About four years ago, I started writing a book on the process of modelling excellence, that's where you uncover the hidden, innate talents of your highest performers and create a template that will allow you to reproduce that excellence across your business, in everything from the way that you recruit high performers to the way that you coach and train them. You would use it in building competency frameworks and talent management programs, and the most important feature is that it preserves the best aspects of your organisation's culture.", explains Freeth.

The two new books take a single methodology and adapt it into two formats, so readers can choose that one that is right for them.

Freeth explains, "As I did more and more research for the book and incorporated more examples from my own work, I found it harder to keep the book focused on only one coherent theme. One audience for the book is anyone who has trained in NLP and wants to really get to grips with the modelling process which underpins it, because that's something sadly lacking from almost all NLP Master Practitioner training. The second audience is anyone working in corporate Human Resources or Learning & Development. So the problem I had was how to address both of these audiences in the same book."

The two books share the majority of their content, so it is not intended for a reader to buy both books, only the one that best suits their needs.

"As the book neared completion I realised that it really wasn't that difficult to split the book into two, so now there are two books, Genius at Work and The NLP Master Practitioner Manual. So the end result is two books based on the same basic process for modelling excellence but aimed at the needs of two very different readers."

Christopher Greenaway of CGW Publishing says, "It's unusual for an author or publisher to create two versions of the same book, but in part that reflects the flexibility of modern digital printing, and in part the author's desire to make his books as practical and valuable as possible for his readers. I think that multi-target books are something that we'll be seeing much more of in the future."

Genius at Work and The NLP Master Practitioner Manual are both published by CGW Publishing and available from all online and high street retailers.

Genius at Work - ISBN 9781908293022

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual - ISBN 9781908293213