50r Online Jobs in South Africa Launches a How to Blog

Keeping it simple being the theme of the day, 50r.co.za a new online market place in South Africa has launched their new how to Blog.

Online PR News – 22-October-2012 – Vryheid / Kwazulu-Natal – It’s said that the concept of online jobs in South Africa is still not familiarised by many. 50r.co.za being one of the first micro businesses site in South Africa, has decided to introduce their way of freelancing in such a way that no one interested will be left out on this great opportunity of achieving financial freedom. They further said, they will make sure any South African entrepreneur will understand what the benefits of working online or working from home has to offer.
One of the ways they came up with achieving this goal was to create a how to blog that they have named 50r official blog. This blog is intended to explaining mostly what micro business sites have to offer. Talking to Eric Martin one of the executives of 50r, he said "Micro business sites are a great way of helping people achieve financial freedom through making things that could appear simple and less time consuming to them at the same time while helping those who might just didn’t have time to do such task. He further stressed that for the fact that it’s a no experience required kind of business it means any one stands a chance of making something out it". Understanding all the concept and goals to archive, there was one problem to achieving the targeted goal and that was the creating of awareness of how things work on 50r, example of thing that people are ready to pay for and many more.
The blog is going be the right place for any kind of information that people will require to understand or get a kick start on what to do. The blog will be answering a number of questions, providing techniques of how users will keep themselves at the top of service delivering. Keeping it simple being the theme of the day, 50r promised to work many support functionalities in future. They promised to keep us updated on any new feature once they are in place. The blog is live as we are speaking.