Electronic Penny Online Auction Site To Launch November 5th Of 2012: Bid On Electronics Auctions

The best auction website just got better! Buy now for a discount or buy it and get bids back! The future of auction websites is here.

Online PR News – 27-October-2012 – Brooklyn, New York – Penny Electronics, LLC a New York based company specializing in eCommerce offers quality customer service and an outlet for great online auctions featuring a full store with various products ranging from electronics and household items to vacation packages. Electronic Penny is currently offering a limited time promotion where every new customer who signs up using Promotional code EP10 is granted 10 free bids.

Electronic Penny auction site also offers two different methods of bidding, if the bidder doesn't win the auction they have the choice of buying the product at a discounted price, or at retail to get their bids back. The only auction website of its kind to give such flexibility to its users! The bidding website that makes "cents" and a true risk free auction website.

Auctions on Electronic Penny are a lot like the classic live auction where an auctioneer shouts as people in the crowd raise their hand, nod, or wink to place a bid. A click on the "Place bid" button is your hand raise (or wink), and the countdown timer is the auctioneer shouting "Who'll give me a penny? One penny bid, now two, now two, will ya give me three? ok, no three? going once, going twice! Sold!" To win it all on Electronic Penny, the user has to be the last bidder when the countdown timer ends.

Another great feature is the ability to make an offer on items in-store, somewhat similar to eBay's "Make an offer" feature, the only difference is users can send the offer with a mix of "Electronic Points" and cash. Electronic points are earned from bidding on auctions, a true win win situation unlike any other auction website on the internet, a great alternative to penny auctions.

ElectronicPenny.com is an auction website where one can bid on a variety of products through real-time live auctions, shop directly from a fully categorized store using a buy-now option, or make an offer on an item which is evaluated by live agents. auction sites have evolved, and Electronic Penny auctions continue to offers the most advanced and exciting ways to shop for name brand products at heavily discounted prices, it truley creates an entertaining atmosphere much more exciting than most leading auction sites.

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