Cold Weather Makes Key West Tours More Popular Than Ever

The cooler temperatures this winter may have put a chill on snorkeling and other water sports, but the time is right for land-based Key West tours of the city.

Online PR News – 25-March-2010 – – Key West, FL -- This winter has seen record bone-chilling temperatures that made a day of snorkeling feel like hard work, unless you had a nice warm wetsuit. But on land, cooler temperatures combined with the usually sunny skies set the scene for the perfect activity: a Key West tour of the city. While the main attraction for many visitors to the Southernmost City will always be the living coral reef just six miles from shore, the city of Key West has a fascinating history, unique architecture and a vibrant local culture, which can all be explored via a tour of the city. Whether by trolley, conch train, or by foot, the cooler temperatures are ideal conditions for exploring the streets of Key West.

And hundreds of visitors to Key West agree! Key West tours have seen a rise in popularity this winter, as guests take advantage of brisk weather to explore the narrow streets and historic spots in comfort. This is perhaps truest of all with Key West walking tours. Temperatures in the 60s bring folks out for a nice walk, and why not learn about Key West from a knowledgeable guide who can point out historic landmarks, famous spots, or great examples of architecture that's unique to Key West: the Conch House. Key West travel forums are full of returning visitors to the island, very pleased with their experiences on Key West tours.

"I would heartily recommend any of the Key West tours you see everywhere, especially the walking tours!" says Marla Gomez, from Santa Fe, NM. "It was just so great walking the little streets of Key West, all sunny and brisk this winter!" she said with obvious enthusiasm. Ms. Gomez added that she opted for the walking tour of Key West because she wanted to combine her daily exercise with some educational sightseeing. She greatly appreciated that local friends she was staying with were able to accompany her for free. She booked the tour at

If you're planning a Key West vacation to visit friends who live there, make sure to check out tour deals that offer locals a free ride with paying guests from out of town. Key West tours that offer this bonus include the Old Town Trolley tour, the Conch Train tour, and the Key West walking tour, all offered by Historic Tours of America. To find out more about tours of Key West, visit

In addition to these tours, visitors can also pick and choose from a variety of other ways to see Key West. Tour the city by bicycle, on foot, and also at night on foot with a Ghost Tour. In winter time there are garden tours and historic home tours. On water, all year round there are tours to Dry Tortugas, snorkeling tours to the coral reef, Dolphin tours, eco tours, kayaking tours, and more. For more information on the perfect Key West vacation, visit