2simplifi.com Completes a Major Website Development Upgrade for AmericanChristianMinistries.org in Central Pennsylvania.

2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. specializes in developing full life cycle websites from the front end to the database side and everything in between. Recently 2simplifi.com finished upgrading an online christian ecommerce website.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. was retained in October of 2009 to complete a major website development upgrade for AmericanChristianMinistries.org. The site was originally developed using Adobe ColdFusion with a MySQL Database and 2simplifi.com was contacted to assist the company in maintaining the same initial core code while upgrading the website's design and functionality for a better customer experience. Some new features of the website include a jQuery home page slide show with new, best selling and featured products and the ability to listen to example audio clips.

americanchristianministries.org is an an eCommerce based online store and is known as a primary source of authorized CDs, MP3s, books, and DVDs by many well-known religious speakers who have granted permission for the reproduction and promotion of their materials. Individuals are able to visit the website and can now listen to snippets of MP3s, preview books, add products to their shopping cart, checkout and receive their purchases by mail.

The new graphical redesign of the site was completed using Adobe InDesign and the images for the website were extracted in .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG and .PSD format. These image formats were cropped, cut and modified so that they fit into the design and dynamics of the site. Graphical header, body and footer templates were programmed to accommodate database calls that may change the graphics behavior (look and feel in the overall site navigation) or dynamic text from the database queries.

The original programming methodology used on American Christian Ministries was that each page was a single file that contained all of the content from the header to the body and then to the footer. The original design did not take advantage of the dynamics of Adobe ColdFusion, which has the ability to import or include the same template into multiple files without having to continually code or copy and paste the same code over and over. The solution for the aforementioned details was that all of the pages throughout the site were coded to include the re-designed header, body and footer templates dependent on which page is loaded. This implementation now allows the website to be easily updated in the future.

This website project consisted of significant modifications to the output results of MySQL Database SQL queries. All applicable designs from the client's provided graphical templates were implemented, especially on drill down action results where, for example, a search returns multiple rows of data. In these cases the design was applied in the screen results, next and last page functionality and the final landing display page of the products or services full description.

The new look of the website also included developing , programming and applying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to compliment the new design of the overall website. The CSS files contain properties and variables that are globally assigned to the site's form fields, active link hover links, active link visited links, active link text decorations, submit buttons background gradient images, and more.

American Christian Ministries is an International Revival Ministry with a branch office in South Africa. The non-profit corporation was founded in in 1975 by Al Newhart. While working at his desk in the Engineering Dept. of Bell of Pennsylvania the Lord spoke directly to Al’s mind for nearly two hours in regard to starting this ministry. At that time the three angels depicted in the ACM logo were given him by the Lord. Right after that incident he went to a Christian artist who, after three weeks, managed to get these three angels from Al’s mind’s eye on to paper just as the Lord had given them. The client was extremely pleased with the new website. "It's too bad you couldn't attend our office celebration over all the exciting things that you are developing on our new website! We respect what you have done with the American Christian Ministries website. As far as we are concerned, your have proven yourself with your high tech skills once again. ".

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