The Release Of 50r Online Jobs In South Africa

Well this has got to be the greatest news South Africa has got this years. The Grand opening of micro job site, Anticipates to provide great opportunity to all South Africans online and offline business owners.

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Vryheid / Kwazulu-Natal – After along time of thinking about the whole concept, finally Eric Martins has decided to bring this great online jobs platform to South Africa and Africa at large. is an online market place where individual share all kind of tasks and services that they are willing to do for a 50 rands. Yes 50rands. The whole ideas behind the project is to create another type of freelancing sites but this time this one focuses much on what seller or lancer can do, In his words, Eric Martin said "No limit or requirements on what users will sale in small terms, he termed 50r as an everything goes kind of site.

Seller of services will sale anything from funny stuff to more complicated service like article writing, blog posting, logo designing, website designing, gift ideas, social marketing and many more they will name it.

Registration will be completely free and there will be no limit on the number of posts one will make which basically means sellers will be able to post numerous services that they are willing to do for 50 Rands.

He added, benefit of this ideal site will be that sellers will earn money from almost anything that they can do even in their after work times. Sellers will not have to work full day, enabling them to do there normal daily routine and only in there free time, they will do work on 50r.

The way 50r is going to works is very simple. The sellers or lancers will gets an idea or let it be they have a skill e.g. (graphics designing), the seller will post there jobs on 50r like (I will Design a Logo for your business for 50 Rand) Then the buyers or business owner through hard marketing strategies by 50r will see there job posts and buy them. the service payments will be paid upfront to 50r from the buyer and will be held until the seller submits the finished job to the buyer. After a successful submission, funds will be credited to the seller’s account where he can draw it at any time he wants.

In the process of working, 50r from its platform has provide a great functionality that allows instant communication between buyer and the seller. There is also resolution functionality where if necessary the buyer can report the seller if ever the seller fails to deliver what he promised to deliver. Only when the buyer is satisfied with work delivered, then job payments will be credited on the sellers account.

50r is going to be the fiverr alternative in africa or will possibly be called fiverr africa because of the similarity in services.

50r online jobs in south africa is the first of its kind in South Africa getting cheaper services closer to South African community.
Payment will be made in local currency that every user will understands. The website is going to be a one-stop destination for buyers who seek to access to a huge library of small freelance jobs in south africa for instance Advertising, Graphics or Social Media.

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