Lost Empire Coffee Company introduces "Ignition" French Roast. A Fire Roasted Adventure Coffee.

Lost Empire Coffee continues to add adventurous coffees to a strong lineup of unique organic & fair trade artisan coffee. Lost Empire Coffee is...Adventure. In a Cup.

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Santa Fe, New Mexico – Lost Empire Coffee Company continues to make coffee more delicious and fun for adventurous coffee drinkers. New "Ignition" French Roast is a certified organic and fair trade coffee that is dark and full bodied. Satisfy any dark roast pallet with this dark, rich, and full-bodied coffee that exudes a very deep smoky taste. Never bitter or over-roasted. Always smooth, dark, and smoky.

Artisan adventure fire roasted coffees from Lost Empire Coffee Co have layers of flavor nuances just waiting to be discovered. The company great coffee and a really fun concept. According to the website www.LostEmpireCoffeeCo.com,

"Lost Empire Coffee Company creates the most exotic coffees and unique blends ever tasted. Lost Empire fresh roasts coffee adventure brews and get them to delivered fast and fresh by foot, bicycle, train, balloon, truck or air. The closest thing to airdropping a wooden crate of fresh roasted coffees onto a lawn."

Lost Empire Coffee is... Adventure. In a cup.