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A Christian's Call for the Removal & Destruction of the Cross of Christ

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Why do us Christians honor and pay respect to the Cross of Christ? Hundreds of songs have been written and sung about the 'cross'. We stand in our places of worship and sing these songs with tears rolling down our faces. But the 'cross' of Christ was a diabolical killing object. It was responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, in addition to Christ.

So why do we honor it, or even pay deference to it? I guarantee that neither Mary, Jesus' mother, nor any of His half-brothers or sisters, or Joseph, if he was still around, or any of Christ's desciples paid homage to the 'cross'!!!

So where did the 'worship' of the 'cross' come from? And why? The answers are found inside, "A Christian's Call for the Removal & Destruction of the Cross of Christ!

"My friend leaned over towards me and pointed at the three crosses on top of the small hill. I said, 'I know. I see them. I've been thinking about them.'

He said, 'Don't they just give you the willies? Makes you want to run and hide from them? Don't they? They're spooky, man!'

I was stunned by what he had just said! Too stunned to even reply right then."

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