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Incontinence is a common bladder condition that affects a large segment of the population,

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Selma, AL – Most cases of incontinence are caused by normal gradual deterioration and weakening of the pelvic muscles as we age. In other cases, weakening of the pelvic muscles is brought on by childbirth, injury, or disease. Medical specialists generally agree that the safest and most effective first course of treatment is kegel exercise therapy. With corrective therapy, those who suffer from incontinence can experience dramatic improvement or even elimination of symptoms of incontinence without resorting to risky surgical procedures or dealing with the unpleasant and often dangerous side effects of prescriptions drugs. However, kegel therapy does require a commitment of time and effort to provide desired results.

BestForLife.Com provides a remarkable solution for those in need of effective and fast relief of urinary or stress incontinence symptoms. The Feminine Personal Trainer or FPTTM, significantly enhances and accelerates the effectiveness of kegel exercises for women by incorporating progressive resistive weight training. The Maximum Pelvic Trainer or MPTTM provides quicker and more effective results than kegel exercises for men. The devices were developed and patented in 2002 and 2004 with the cooperation of specialists in the fields of physical therapy, urology, and anatomy specifically to address problems associated with incontinence. Clinical trials also indicated reduced incidence of premature ejaculation in men, stronger vaginal embrace for women, and enhanced stimulation for both partners during intimacy. Noticeable results are achieved in as little as three weeks without prescription drugs or surgical procedures.

Both of the devices offered by BestForLife.Com are very easy to use. The website is user-friendly and provides comprehensive video tutorials on how to use the FPTTM and MPTTM products. BestForLife.Com is a primary resource for those who suffer from incontinence and want to restore self-confidence and balance in their lives.

About the company
BestForLife.Com is an operating unit of the Ralston Group, an American company founded in 1998 and dedicated to the development of innovative incontinence products to improve the health and well-being of its global customer base. BestForLife.Com provides an alternative to drugs, which can often have harmful side effects, may negatively interact with other prescription or non-prescription drugs, and have the potential to cause dangerous allergic reactions. The FPTTM and MPTTM are also preferred over surgical procedures which carry the inherent risks associated with any surgery plus additional risks associated with implanting fibrous materials in the human body.

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