Christian Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Thomas Moore Signs Global Book Deal.

Christian Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Thomas Moore Signs Global Book Deal With VIP Ink Publishing.

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – New Orleans, Louisiana – VIP Ink Publishing signs Christian Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Dr. Thomas Moore, to a seven book deal. Dr. Moore is best known for his work in the world of spiritual warfare. His first book titled “Holy Wars: Root Causes” is scheduled for a May 28, 2013 release date.

Dr. Moore’s book concentrates on deliverance and healing. The process focuses on areas that are distinct from social, physical, and material. Spiritual areas encompass matters experienced in the unseen spiritual realm of the mind, emotions and will.

What the secular world calls mental health is referred to as spiritual health in Christianity. It is commonly known as Christian spiritual health, or simply Christian health. Christian spiritual health encompasses mental health, emotional health, and the health of the individual’s will (inner drive, passion, zeal, self-control). Dr. Moore not only explains these subjects in great detail within this book but also gets to the root causes of these issues.

Dr. Moore believes our spiritual makeup is a personal treasure which deserves more attention than our physical makeup because it determines our outcomes not only in this life, but also in the life to come when Christ returns. Holy Wars: Root Causes will equip you with effective spiritual health principles.

Holy Wars: Root Causes explains how we exist in three in parts – spirit, soul and body. The spirit part of us is what relates to the soul which in turn relates with the body. We are made in God’s image in our spiritual makeup. Our physical bodies are only for the purpose of physical dealings on this physical earth.

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