New DUI Consulting Services Provided by Ace Criminal Attorneys

Find out about the new DUI consulting services that are being provided by Ace Criminal Attorneys.

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Encino, CA – Ace Criminal Attorneys provide the new kind of criminal defense. If there is a problem, Ace attorneys can always be relied on for the solution. Their new DUI consulting services are providing Los Angeles residents with an excellent way to get in contact with an attorney that can provide advice and assistance prior to being hired. This is what a lot of people in the Los Angeles area are looking for. Rather than having to pay money just to speak with someone to find out if they are going to need to hire a criminal attorney, they can find out for free just by speaking with someone during a free consultation. More specifically, DUI situations are a serious matter to be dealing with and they often bring out a lot of emotion in clients. Free consultations provide a time for clients to relax and have some of their worries eased.

The Ace Criminal Attorney office provides a wide range of services. Los Angeles DUI lawyer Ron Hedding is the lead Los Angeles DUI attorney in the office. He specializes in DUI accidents, DUI court appearances, expungements, penalties and even convictions. These are scenarios where it's important to have a qualified DUI attorney there to represent the client. DUIs can often result in a felony, which is a situation that can be very damaging to a person's record. Being charged with a felony is impossible to remove and it often results in unforeseen consequences. For instance, most clients have trouble finding a job, getting an apartment or doing regular things that are required in life, all because of their DUI conviction and felony. In order to have their charges reduced, they have to hire an attorney or lawyer to speak on their behalf to the judge and represent their case in the best possible light. In doing so, there is an opportunity to have the charges reduced, so that a felony does not get put on the client's record. What this provides, is a chance to live life without being tied down by a felony conviction.

Free consultation with Los Angeles DUI attorney allows the client to understand the court process and learn what it is going to entail. The lawyer or attorney will speak about what is going to happen. An attorney or lawyer always has the obligation to represent their clients with complete accuracy. It is their job to proclaim the innocence of their client and be sure that they are represented in a way that holds true to what the client is telling them. As regular citizens of society, clients do not understand the laws of the areas in which they live. This means they cannot possibly represent themselves during this DUI conviction. They rely completely on their lawyer or attorney to use their best judgment and say the right thing.

Fortunately, the Ace Criminal Attorney office also has a blog where clients can read up on their latest achievements. They often post critical information that is important to know and understand during a DUI conviction. This helps clients become educated, if the free consultation provided was not long enough to answer every question.

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