Key Tracer offers Integrated Asset Security Systems

Key Tracer offers highly integrated and robust asset security systems based on RFID technology. They help in real time key management and tracking in different industries and residential places in Colorado, US and other parts of North America.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – October 19, 2012; Colorado US – Key Tracer, an asset management solution provider, offers highly integrated asset security systems in the North American region. These systems from the key management giant are based on RFID technology. They can easily get integrated with other applications and security systems that are used in an organization or at home.

Key Tracer is one of the front runners in key management systems and in key control technology. Its products are among the best in the industry offering highly integrated security systems. Most of the electronic lockers, guard tour system, asset management solutions and key tracking systems are based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. They are used for monitoring, tracking and controlling the position of an important key, asset etc. They also help in identifying the owner of a particular key, its path, and in generation of notifications and reports.

The salient features of asset security systems offered by Key Tracer include:

Web-based key tracking
Key Tracer offers a web-based key tracking system; hence, one can manage the system easily from anywhere and at anytime.

Easy to integrate
The asset security system is easy-to-integrate and can be used with different in-house applications and security solutions used at a commercial or residential place.

Key Positioning
The exact location of a key along a well-defined circuit can also be tracked and monitored using this system. The present owner of the key with proper location and timing can be found using the system.

Notification and reports
Report generation and notifications are made at the occurrence of a security event.

Good range for RFID tracking hardware
An RFID tracking hardware with an extended range is part of the system. It offers proper functioning in different places and situations.