Lamp Post Electrical Announce Modern Range Of Dado Trunking Cable Management

The UK based electrical wholesaler are pleased to announce a new product for electricians to install wiring across rooms. The modern Starline range of Dado trunking has been designed to fit in with modern room styles, without being visually intrusive.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – London, UK – Lamp Post Electrical are pleased to announce that they are stocking and promoting the Starline Chamfered dado trunking system for the modern electrical trade. The use of this system is becoming ever more popular as the benefits of this type of fitting become more useful and adaptable. The Starline system has been developed so that it will fit in with modern décor and provide not only enough space for the present wiring required but will also deal with any foreseeable future expansion within the circuit. It also has the ability to deal with different services within the same the same trunking by having 3 separated compartments. The major compartment is usually used for the power supply cabling and the minor compartments for separate power circuits or more usually telephone or data links. Lamp Post have picked the Starline range as it has been designed with all the necessary ancillary pieces such as angled corners, end blank pieces and socket boxes It is also easy to open an access and provides a broad band of cover for most of the services required. Simple, safe and cost effective has always been the watchword for Lamp Post Electrical and this is a product that fits that description.

Dado trunking is becoming a far more regular addition to the electrical power and communication circuits particularly in office and workrooms as the ever changing nature of modern life invariably means that nothing stays the same for long. The dado trunking supplied by Lamp Post Electrical is easy to fix in the first place and the chamfered design not only gives an appearance that will fit into the décor but has a neatness that allows it to be fitted onto the appropriate surface accurately and effectively. The trunking is easily accessed and after completion of the work required the whole system can be closed again so that it looks like new.

The Dado Trunking system basically gives the installer the chance to change the electrical circuits at any time required. So often the old trunking systems which were plastered into the wall were fine when the building was put up but time and modern developments change the requirements so that either the circuits have to be rewired or there has to be a policy of make do and mend. Lamp Post electrical have recognised this problem and the Dado trunking allows virtually the whole system to be changed when required. The use of the Dado trunking for the electrical circuits not only encompasses the wiring links but it also houses the socket boxes for the electrical output links. Therefore if a new switches and sockets are required these can be installed into the trunking and the wiring can be adapted or rewired according to the problems. The minor compartments can be used for the telephone or data cables or they can be used for the emergency cables such as the fire or Carbon Monoxide alarm cables or for the cables for the security links from the controller and alarm to the individual detectors. Lamp Post has a full range off the shelf for internet or personal ordering.

The Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Ltd are an online retailer providing quality electrical goods from major manufacturers, at trade prices. Products are also available to buy from their Kent trade counter in Canterbury, where the company has been trading for over a decade.