v3.0 is now Live - checking for plagiarism now costs pennies!

Oct. 16 2012 – Checking for plagiarism has never been so cheap and cost-effective. goes further and develops an algorithm that allows you to check for plagiarism at the rate five times lower than the one before.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Chicago, IL – The Value Deal Is Here!
PlagiarismDetect delivers a revolutionary algorithm that makes plagiarism detection even more affordable. Now you can pay as low as 10 cents per page to get a perfectly good plagiarism report. The value deal has a name: Standard-Quality Check.
Pay as Low as 10 Cents!
There are now two plagiarism-check options available: Standard-Quality Check and Premium-Quality Check. The former requires only 1 credit per page and the latter – 5, with the latter being the old algorithm. The old algorithm is still in place and works the same way it did before.
The price is at 10 cents per credit which means that it can cost you as low as 10 cents to check a 275-word text for plagiarism. The Premium-Quality Check option now requires five credits and costs as much as it did before – reasonable 50 cents per page.
Easier and Faster than Ever Before!
Another cool update pertains to the report you get. Now you can click on the algorithm-highlighted part of the text to go directly to the source where a match was found. It takes only one click! After you go to the source, the system will automatically compare your text with the one on the webpage.
The speed has gone up as well! You no longer have to spend several minutes on a page. Fundamental revision of the algorithm’s architecture allowed us to increase the speed without decreasing the quality.