Carlton Dunko Guides Companies through Troubled Waters

Carlton Dunko has had years of experience in helping companies navigate through troubled waters.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Tampa, FL – Carlton Dunko has had years of experience in helping companies navigate through troubled waters. These recessionary times have taken a huge toll on small and medium sized companies that are at a loss on how to reduce non revenue producing load and survive in such a tough economic situation.

Carlton Dunko is the dynamic CEO of a company located in Tampa, Florida. The company specializes in providing guidance to companies that have a difficult time in adjusting to the adversely-changed business environment around the globe. His consultation involves reducing undesired business flab that could be dragging the business down in these highly competitive times. In addition, he offers practical solutions to companies that help them leverage their strengths and remain healthy and alert in rapidly changing situations.

Carlton Dunko was the winner of the 2004 John Howard Award for Excellence in Direct Marketing. His skills initially helped him to promote his own businesses. After a successful corporate stint in several companies, Carlton Dunko is a board member of the Pentacor Group.. Pentacor is actually a think tank based in New York with several like-minded professionals at the helm. This group has in-depth knowledge of current and upcoming economic trends, and helps companies take evasive action to prevent getting stuck in a financial quagmire. Carlton Dunko is currently the Chairman and Secretary of the Pentacor Group. 

In addition to leading a very hectic professional life that requires constant travel, Carlton Dunko also ensures that his personal life manages to balance out the stress of managing his consulting business. An avid golfer, he is usually seen on golf courses around Florida on weekends as he tries to improve his 2 handicap ranking in the company of close friends and business associates.

He is also an avid outdoorsman although he does not find enough time due to his professional commitments. However, when time does permit, Carlton Dunko prefers taking long walks on Florida beaches as he watches the sun rise or set over the sparkling ocean. These outdoor activities enable him to get refreshed and come up with innovative solutions to help his clients dodge the adverse effects of a shrinking economy.

Companies that have weathered rough economic conditions in the past and are ready to throw in the towel or companies that want to improve their business bottom line in these tough times can contact Carlton Dunko. His email address is His expert services based on his past experience and marketing skills have enabled many small and medium sized companies avoid financial pitfalls while getting ready to face even more tough times should the economy continue to falter in the future.

Carlton Dunko has always believed in grabbing the bull by the horns and it is this attitude coupled with his rich experience and expertise in business marketing that has helped others. His consulting services can help companies reduce their non-revenue producing load on one end while increasing efficiency levels on the other. This combination can help businesses navigate through troubled waters, especially when Carlton Dunko is by their side to consult them until the worst is behind them.