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Austin, Texas, 19/10/2012 – The website held a press conference at a respected hotel of the city.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – ca – Austin, Texas, 19/10/2012 – The website held a press conference at a respected hotel of the city. During the press conference, the reviewer of the website declared that they would continue to provide honest reviews about the latest prepaid plans and smart type of phones so that individuals are able to take a knowledgeable decision. “The market is getting flooded with new ranges of Smartphone and prepaid plans, which leaves individuals confused, as to which one is the best for them. In order to remove this confusion, we at offer correct and detailed reviews of all the big brands such as Samsung, HTC, and Apple to name a few. Furthermore, we at also provide reviews on the various prepaid plans. In this way, we help individuals to get more aware of the all the features available in the smart type of phones as well as advantages and disadvantages of the prepaid plans,” said the reviewer of the website.

One of the articles contained in the website provides complete information regarding the prepaid plans. The article states that the Prepaid Smartphone is correct for those individuals who want a plan, which is easy on their pockets. Other names for such plan are Pay as you go and contract free service, which is gaining popularity each day, as it is an extremely cost effective service. As per the article included in the website, the phone marketplace has certain users who cannot clear credit check or afford registering themselves to plans based on contract. As a result, the need arose for alternative plans. This led to the creation of the idea for prepaid plans. The article in the site informs about the advantages of such plans including freedom, which the user can gain, as it is fully free of contracts. This ensures a user can leave the prepaid service at any point of time, as there is no contract. More advantage of Prepaid Smartphone, as stated in the article included in the site is that this service costs much lesser in comparison to the normal services. Individuals also get to know about the disadvantages of the prepaid plan in the article such as limited device selection and higher device cost.

Another article contained in the website provides detailed review about the HTC One X. According to the article, individuals looking for the perfect phone should select the One X model of HTC as it is famous for its wide screen, firm looks, thin chassis, and excellent HTC processor. This phone has one of the most efficient and powerful handset, as it runs by a quad core processor. The article in the site states that more individuals are purchasing this phone due to its impressive design. Moreover, this HTC model makes use of Super IPS LCD2 tech, which allows individuals to play games or watch movies all throughout the day. Additional information contained in the article found in the website is that the HTC One X has 32 GB storage, 8MP camera, as well as an awesome pixel density all of which, help to make this phone one of the best out of all phones, which is available in the market. The reviewer of the website said, “Once individuals go through our website, they acquire comprehensive and authentic information, which helps them to make the right decision whether it is to opt for prepaid plans or select a smart type of phone. In this way, we at ensure individuals get value for their money.”

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The website provides correct and detailed information about the different brands of Smartphone and prepaid plans. In this manner, we at ensure individuals are able to purchase the phone as well as the prepaid plan, which suits them in the best way possible.