Academy Inc. Expands Custom Manufactured Wholesale Products in Preparation for 2013

Academy Inc., a Los Angeles’ leading commercial awnings manufacturer, designer, and installer is now offering custom manufactured wholesale products and beginning to expand those offerings as they close out 2012 and begin 2013.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, California, 19 October 2012 – Academy Inc, a leader in the design, distribution and manufacturing of commercial awnings and shade structures, announced today an expansion of its wholesale division as the company readies for new partnerships and business relationships in the year ahead. The move comes as the wholesale distribution industry continues to show sector health – according to the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, all 12 industry categories saw year over year sales growth in 2011, ranging 2% to 16% -- and the overall economy keeps adding jobs, driving the US unemployment rate to its lowest level since January 2009.

As a result of their expansion efforts, manufacturers and suppliers in the awning industry who seek to expand their product line can now head on to Academy Inc. as the “go to” awning company to purchase the bulk orders they require. Industry followers have welcomed this new offer as they see it as a great opportunity to expand their product base and service their clients better. What’s more, the relative good news means that Academy Inc. plans to grow its relationships with other, related industries, including banks, convenience stores, and boutique shops. Academy also plans to engage even more members of the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries, as here too, expansion seems likely in 2013. Overall, the Federal Reserve estimates that the US economy will have grown 1.7% to 2% in 2012 and predicts healthier growth of 2.5% to 3% in 2013.

But economic statistics and growth forecast aren’t the entire story. Academy Inc.’s trained and expert staff has a combined 100 years industry experience and has built an unshakable reputation as a high quality awning supplier. The latest offer of custom manufactured wholesale products has created quite an excitement in the awning industry.

“Wholesale Awnings by Academy Inc. offers our complete line of custom manufactured products for those who are in the industry, but who are unable or choose not to do their own manufacturing,” said Jim Richman, an Academy Inc. senior executive. “Apart from those unable to manufacture their own awnings, we also cater to awning suppliers who may require wholesale storefront awnings to boost their sales revenues.”

The company added that every piece created under the wholesale offer would have the same quality and durability that is associated with every Academy Inc. product. Awning suppliers can place orders for sturdy awnings manufactured with the custom engineering and design processes to ensure that the product will look good and last longer as well under tough weather as well. An awning supplier can place their requirement of wholesale awnings with Academy Inc. and will soon have the customized awnings set delivered on time to help achieve their own sales goals.

“We exist to provide our customers with exceptional service, and that is exactly what motivates us every day,” added, Michael Richman. We have expert, skilled and experienced staff, all of whom take every feedback seriously and create custom awnings which are the best in the industry.”

The wholesale awning has been welcomed by members of the awning industry and Academy Inc. is already taking orders from companies in hope of expanding their product base.

About Academy Inc.:

Academy Inc. is one of the top awning companies in the country and well known across the globe. The Los Angeles based company has been supplying quality awnings to businesses for decades and has developed a reputation for consistent quality, superior customer service, and unparalleled attention to design and detail.
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