Imenso Software Provides Custom Application Development for Your Various Business Needs

The Company uses application development in .Net to provide various softwares that are tailor made for the business needs of our desktop and enterprise applications. They also provide a host of customized mobile applications.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Delhi – One of the leading software development companies Imenso Software uses a wide range of technologies for its custom application development including Microsoft .Net, Visual C++, Visual Basic .Net, C#, Perl and many others. Today, most companies offer application development in .Net to increase customer interaction with the product which ultimately acts in the benefit of the business. But it is difficult to manage so many application platforms at the same time and very few websites like ImensoSoftware have been able to pull off this stunt successfully. Custom application developments are cost effective because when it reaches the client, it is already in a customised form and the client does not have to shell out money for modifying the existing solution.

CEO and spokesperson for ImensoSoftware says, “Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. So we design and develop softwares that are tailor made according to the business needs of the clients. While taking care of latest technology and business precision, we also make sure that the client does not have to burn a hole in his pocket to afford the software. We use technologies like .Net, C#, VB, Ajax, and SQL Server to deliver robust and quality application development in .Net. We also work with open source technologies like Magento, Wordpress, PHP, Joomla and many others to provide the best business solutions to our clients.”

However, the company has not restricted itself to enterprise and desktop applications alone. ImensoSoftware also provides custom application development for your mobile. Since, a lot of people use their cell phones to access the internet, the website has rightly identified the potential that a third party application could have in this process. Working to make products and services flexible and attempting to improve the technical features and the functional details; the website provides some great deals through its various packages of custom application development for mobiles.

As the spokesperson further adds, “Today mobiles do much more than making and receiving calls and messages. The entire process of collection and storing of data – through images, videos, e-mails, games, organising and scheduling of occasions and so much more happens in the realm of the cell phone. We have tried to make use of this by providing applications for leading mobile customers like Apple, Blackberry, and Android. Our aim is to provide applications that are high on functionality and activity; and we want to do it without compromising on the value of the product.”

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