Make the Joint Pain Part of Your Past with Joint Doctor Capsules from SlimTone

This press release is to inform the readers that SlimTone has come up with a path-breaking product that solves all the joint health woes.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – London – London, UK, 11th September, 2012: A unique product by itself, SlimTone has introduced Joint Doctor Capsules to fight the troublesome conditions of joints. As a result of ageing with deficit in the collagen layer, it makes many people to suffer from joint pain resulting in limited mobility as a consequence of of nourishment in the ligaments, tendons and skin. SlimTone is already renowned as a noteworthy brand with their products like diet pills, natural weight loss supplements, slimming pills, the best weight loss program and so on. The alarmingly high rate of obesity issues in the western countries is being effectively dealt by SlimTone Now with its path-breaking products launched one after another. After the success of natural slimming products, now it is the turn to seek for effective solutions for ageing related issues and SlimTone is moving step forward to bring to its customers an effective solution for the most dreaded joint pain issues.

Joint cartilages start suffering deterioration after a certain age as a consequence of stress from everyday life activities that increases when you indulge in strenuous physical exertions. With sports and other exertions, the joint levers get heavier as the muscular development happens, resulting in an additional pressure exerted on joints and making them painful at the end of the day. In the later stages, the cartilage starts to deteriorate further causing deformation of the joints. This restricts movements when the adjacent bones get affected. The idle muscle tissues suffer wear and tear in the process thereby putting less pressure on the supporting tissues. With the joints becoming less stable, undue pressure is exerted on ligaments making them vulnerable to strains and pulls, which can be extremely painful. Sometimes it may be caused by malnutrition of collagen tissues known as Chondrocytes, which is most abundant as the cartilage tissues of the joints and is functional in building strength, ending up in unbearable joint conditions.

With Joint Doctor Capsules, it helps in restoration of the lost collagen level from the connective muscle tissues or else would act as an effective component stimulating the production of collagen in the joint. Hence, the user will feel a dramatic improvement in the condition of the joints, increasing mobility and stamina with an improvement in the condition of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints. Consumption of 5-10 gram of the medicine or two capsules per day for a time period of 1 3 months will show striking results. Chondrocytes will see a phenomenal increase of 250%, making the joint cushioning softer enough.

According to their Senior Consultant, Joint inflammation and injuries are also well taken care of by Joint Doctor Capsules. Free trial packs are available as well as the product can be returned and money can be refunded if the consumers are not satisfied with the results. The product is natural and free of any hazardous side effects.