SEO Optimization Company To Hire Hundreds of Sales Agents

SEO and Internet Marketing Company Optimum SEO Services To Hire 250 Sales Agents Nationwide.

New Haven CT

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Peoria – Optimum SEO Services a leader in providing SEO and internet marketing services to small businesses, announced today that it will hire two hundred and fifty (250) Independent Sales Agents to market it's SEO and internet marketing services to thousands of small businesses. The agents are expected to be hired in all fifty (50) states and in Canada as the company seeks to expand its client base.The SEO Optimization Company stated that this is the first of possibly three potential hiring waves as demand from local businesses continue to grow for quality effective SEO and internet marketing services at an increasing rate.The company expects to fill these positions over the next sixty days. Agents will then be provided with ongoing training to ensure that they will provide excellent service to its clients. The average range salary for these positions will be between $45,000- $150,000. The second phase of hiring is expected to begin in the late spring of 2013 and the final phase in mid November 2013.The company's research suggested that it was necessary to hire hundreds of agents to meet the growing demand from small businesses who are seeking to use the internet as a marketing method to become more competitive during these tough economic times and to take advantage of the increasing number of consumers who are using the internet for local shopping. Optimum SEO provides a full range of services and marketing solutions at a competitive price range that is effective in giving an excellent return on investment (ROI) to its clients with guaranteed results.For more information on Optimum SEO Services click here.