Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, has selected aviation content management software provider TechPubs Global to provide comprehensive technical publications management software, services, and consulting.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Longmont – TechPubs Global today announced that Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, has selected them to provide comprehensive technical publications management software, services, and consulting. Revolutionary changes in the way the aviation industry delivers, consumes, manages, and distributes critical flight operations data prompted the consideration of an advanced new platform for technical data management.

Air Canada becomes the latest global aviation enterprise to adopt TechPubs solutions, joining a blue chip list including Southwest Airlines, Etihad Airways, and United Airlines, among others.

Air Canada turned to TechPubs to assist the airline in the face of two fundamental changes in aviation information management: the move to XML-based information management within the enterprise; and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) requirements in the cockpit.

Air Canada supports a mixed fleet of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer equipment, compounding data management challenges. With over 200 planes in service and new equipment on order – and the resulting mountain of technical information, in varied formats, including XML, delivered with them – the carrier sought new capabilities for ingesting, normalizing, and delivering information throughout the firm. TechPubs’ FlightPubs solution’s capabilities in content management, editing/authoring, and multi-channel publishing met Air Canada’s requirements.

Supporting the airline’s move to “client independent” EFB capabilities was a key consideration as well. The airline sought an ability to deliver usable information anywhere needed, including the cockpit, in formats required by the expanding array of devices carried by pilots, flight crew, and other personnel.

“TechPubs impressed us both with the quality and sophistication of their software, but also with the domain knowledge they brought to bear on our requirements,” said James Baron, Manager – Flight Bag Data Administration at Air Canada. “TechPubs professionals, many of whom have sat on our side of the table, bring unique perspective to the challenges we face.”

“Air Canada is exactly the kind of partner we most value working with at TechPubs – innovative, aggressive in technology adoption, and entirely committed to efficiency and airline safety,” said David Williams, TechPubs’ CEO. “Airlines at the top of the aviation industry, like Air Canada, Southwest, Etihad, and our other customers, insist on modern, flexible, standards-based technology and deep industry expertise in their suppliers. We’re excited to fill that role for Air Canada.”

TechPubs, a PTC Global Airline Industry Platinum Partner, is a leader in aviation technical documentation management (ATDM) – a critical contributor to safety regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. ATDM requires a unique combination of powerful technology and industry expertise – advanced software and related services to ensure the right solution for the specific challenges each airline faces in running streamlined, compliant operations. Leading customers include Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, and others.

Air Canada is Canada’s largest domestic and international airline serving more than 175 destinations on five continents. Canada’s flag carrier, currently celebrating their 75th anniversary, is the 15th largest commercial airline in the world and in 2011 served more than 33 million customers. Air Canada provides scheduled passenger service directly to 59 Canadian cities, 56 destinations in the United States and 63 cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. In 2012, Air Canada was ranked Best International Airline in North America in a worldwide survey of more than 18 million airline passengers conducted by independent research firm Skytrax.